The boss does not favor hot pot rabbit, half a year to dominate the food street, to eat are old customers

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Chengdu has a reputation as a land of abundance, here not only has the beautiful scenery, there are also let people linger over food, width alley in chengdu is very busy every day, look at the old buildings, feel the local amorous feelings, there are many streets in chengdu hidden many reputation, look at the environment in general is food carrier,There is a saying about rabbit food in Chengdu: no rabbit alive can run out of Chengdu alive, listen to this sentence is a bit exaggerated but not groundless, in Chengdu not only love rabbit head, rabbit meat hot pot is also very fond of, in Chengdu a big brother is one of them.Dominating the street before the shop is elder brother used to reading hands, business is good, by the sale of reading hands himself spent 12 years in the spring, summer, autumn and winter, then eldest brother didn’t change the formats started a business rabbit meat hot pot, less than half a year’s time they shop and they started the brand, more and more old customers, eldest brother have their own advantages to these achievements,Oneself can fry makings, and insist to use good makings, such customer ability can eat to come out to see, in half a year time popularity was overlaid around gourmet street, be such domineer.Craft exquisite eldest brother although only rabbit meat hot pot rectified time, but he is very deep understanding of rabbit meat, every day is to purchase fresh meat in the morning, and then take home began to processing, clean up the extra blood with water, and then in cutting code, add some baking soda, spices, was used to increase the rabbit meat, including green peppercorns to xing,Red pepper is used to add flavor, stir evenly and finally add a little oil to keep it fresh and tender. For big brother, delicious does not need special technology, fresh ingredients, reasonable collocation, careful production can make the delicious ingredients released.Fresh fragrant delicious eldest brother chafing dish is to use butter to a pot of rabbit meat, rabbit meat after code can be a meal, do not need to rinse hot for a long time and then dipped in oil disc, the rabbit meat is very tender, flavor, eat into the mouth to do not have the threaded down easily, spicy taste let a person think the second mouth the bite, many diners although hemp, form all jump in, he still ate with relish,Big brother’s hot pot restaurant just relying on rabbit meat attracted a lot of loyal fans, eat diners are consistent praise, treat dinner selection this will not lose face.Eldest brother in addition to rabbit is the signature characteristics, lunch meat, hand is also the best-selling food in the store, lunch meat according to eldest brother said he was specially customized outside, its meat content is very high, eat up the taste is very rich, not like other intestines as powder feeling;It used to be the same as the staple food, but now it can be boiled and boiled. It is said that some diners can eat several portions at a time. After all, they have accompanied the eldest brother for 12 years, not to mention blowing it out with their mouths.Prepare food concept, fall into two categories for eldest brother is better taste, this is the basis and premise, otherwise diners are consumed a won’t come again the second time, there is no old customer, but to careful management, every dish, need to take that diners eat out of the minds of the stores of rabbit meat hot pot do you love?