Xiang Domain technology teach you how to do live selling goods?

2022-06-16 0 By

Consumers can feel the use value of goods more directly through live broadcast shopping. As for businesses, live broadcast selling brings more sales channels to them. Especially in the period of epidemic prevention and control in 2020, people seldom go out shopping.What are the ways?1. Build high-quality live broadcast content to improve the traditional content e-commerce platform with goods. Usually, some hot topics are released to attract readers to read and convert the traffic into actual commodity purchase.But this model, we gradually found that we do not spend a lot of time reading an article, it can be seen that the real commodity conversion effect is not very good, so in view of this pain point, video and other forms of live e-commerce became popular, Li Jiaqi, Weiya and other online celebrity anchors are also popular.Implementing this pattern is also relatively easy, as long as you have good output, you can do it.Live 2. Use third-party platform online mall in the second place, with live electrical contractor, live more than a third party platform also follow the trend, implements the docking with the commodity link, businesses through live on the third party platform to register account, the background to insert product link merchants live at the front desk to sell goods, to attract consumers in the back-end to purchase goods.This model has the disadvantage of businesses selling via live this process, the marketing of the initiative is entirely in the hands of consumers, if consumers do not produce purchase, produced by its profit is zero, produced in the process of flow belongs to the third party platform, even if the customer finish effect cannot be retained after purchase.3. Online shopping malls directly embed the function of live broadcast. Finally, compared with the previous mode of live broadcast e-commerce, this mode has more initiative.In this way, the traffic generated during the live broadcast of e-commerce is completely their own. Even if consumers do not complete the purchase at that time, businesses can also feed back the generated traffic to make preparations for future marketing activities.The above is about how to do live broadcast selling newbie related knowledge, want to learn live with goods can consult our Shaanxi Xiangyu Technology Co., LTD.