Fan Kixin kisses the ice after the game!This scene is broken!

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Van Kexin kisses the ice after the game!This scene is broken!China won A bronze medal in the women’s 3000m short track speed skating relay at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Thursday.Good Chinese girl!Fan Kexin, a three-time sochi Short-track speed skater, crashed in the women’s 500-meter semifinal, missing out on the final four years ago in Pyeongchang, She missed the gold medal again, but she never gave up on The Chinese girl.Proud of you, the best Fan Kexin!Fan Kexin and her teammates Han Yutong, Qu Chunyu, Zhang Chutong and Zhang Yuting won bronze MEDALS in the women’s 3000m short track speed skating relay.Why does she have such a deep love for the ice rink?Wore old skates start foot worn out don’t give up is a fan can be new rural children was born on September 19, 1993 in winter in heilongjiang qitaihe 6 years of age father gave her and her brother’s a pair of skates wood to skate on reservoir play with snow fan can be new soon fell in love with the skating at the age of eight she became the official qitaihe short track speed skating team primary classesThe coach gave the student a set of old skates because of the difficulties in her family life. Since the shoes did not fit well and the soles of her feet were worn out due to the intensity of the training, she dared not take off her socks at night. When her mother found out,Her feet are risking purulent blood but she feel can’t do things by halves again painstakingly again tired also grind against anaemia belly nothing can stop her fan can be new dream 2008 were found to suffer from anemia can’t see the color in the face of training almost fainted when she cried feel dream completely broken to coaches and fan can new oneself did not give up her anemia and she is inAdolescent age related physical indicators after more than half a year of treatment finally restored to normal she returned to the training ground this illness again let the fan can be new and experienced a skating shenglisibie but has no difficulty can stop her from realizing their dreams in the face of sochi peaceful prosperous regret she chooses to continue to adhere to the fan can be new 2010 formally entered the national short track speed skating team and countrymenWang meng, sun linlin become teammates, though many times to get the World Cup and world champion new fan can only without a gold medal in Olympic sochi short track speed skating the women’s 500 m semi-final she accidentally fell down, final pyeongchang winter Olympics four years ago she missed the gold medal again in order to realize their own Olympic champion dream she chose to continue to insist on February 13, 2014,Fan Kexin kneels on the sidelines after falling.(Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Lili) Beijing dream you are the best Fan Kexin!Fan is new for the third time this year in late winter Olympics on February 5th, short track speed skating mixed groups by 2000 meters relay final fan can be new, QuChunYu and Wu Dajing, President of all, China has entered the national team to win the championship in 12 years of Zhang Yuting fan can finally, the new harvest the first winter Olympic gold medal after the game she choked out the said “I waited for the gold medal for too long there’s a lot of spelling training every dayWe are the best with blood in our throat!”Fan Kexin (r) celebrates after the match on Feb 5.(xinhua JuHuanZong) taken on February 13th night fan can be new and in short track speed skating and my teammates won the bronze medal in the women’s 3000 meters relay RACES after the game, she said back to the central knelt down to kiss her ice field that is so strong want to thank motherland can host the winter games thanks to the ice can make so many athletes in our country the ice show myself “I’m 29,I also love short track speed skating and I will definitely keep skating as long as my country needs me.”People’s Daily touched netizens by kissing the ice after the game.Fan Kexin: “I will keep skating as long as the country needs me.”The Olympic Games is not only about the persistence of the gold medal athletes, every bit of effort is worthy of respect. I am proud of you, the best fan Kexin Winter Olympics MEDALS.Source: Law Popularization in China