Revealing the beginning and end of the 1976 Tangshan “shady soldiers through” : Tangshan earthquake relief troops were crossed by shady soldiers

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Early morning of deep mountain laolin shows shadow of the Imperial Palace door to flash in the evening ghost, mountain of tangshan earthquake disaster relief troops encounters bizarre, backside is the mysterious phenomenon that spreads millennium after all, or a boring farce?Today, let’s go back to Tangshan in 1976 and uncover the truth of the “secret soldiers” that shocked the whole Of China.Surely old Beijingers must have heard of this story, every day people come and go in the Forbidden City, after closing in the evening, often a series of bizarre events.It is said that at the end of the last century, the staff of the Forbidden City often heard inexplicable cries, including women and children, and even babies crying when they were cleaning the museum.In addition, some staff members said that in some corners of the inner palace, people often see a flash of figures, looking like the clothes of the Qing Dynasty maids and eunuchs.There was a panic when these stories got out.But in the eyes of the older generation, this is actually a normal phenomenon.These so-called figures are then dead in the Forbidden City of the soul, because can not be free, so perennial in the Palace Museum stay.In addition to the Forbidden City, in some desolate places, also often appear similar phenomenon.The most famous is the shadow soldier after the Tangshan earthquake.New audience friends can click attention, convenient to read the latest content, creation is not easy, thank you for your support.First to explain to you what is called Yin soldiers borrow way.As the name implies, Yin soldier is the soldier of the grave, it is the hand of yan King, and what borrow a way to point to is to borrow a way to close in Yang to explain is Yan King to come up between Yang patrol, take a pair of Yin soldier open.In the eyes of the older generation, if you encounter Yin soldiers in the sun, you must quickly lie on the ground and never look up. If you are found by Yin soldiers, the Yang fire on the top of your head will be blown out.In the next month, will be plagued by bad luck, light is a serious illness, or be taken back to the underworld by Yin soldiers, from then on can not be born.In addition to the above explanation, there is also a theory that the so-called yinbing is after an ancient army was defeated and died, because these soldiers were too angry and bent on continuing to fight and kill the enemy.Therefore, they continue to stay in the Yang, because of fear of Yang qi.They tend to be found in remote areas, especially where there’s been a lot of death.On a stormy night, suddenly there came a loud noise in the silent valley, the roar of soldiers, the neighing of horses.If you look closely from a distance, you can see figures moving through the thunder and lightning.These people are called shadow soldiers.Looking back over the past several decades, there are no one hundred or fifty legends of the transit of soldiers.One of the most famous was the 1976 Tangshan earthquake relief corps incident.At the end of the last century, a soldier named Ajie returned to his village after being discharged from the army. He brought a strange story to the villagers.Twenty years ago, ajie’s unit was one of the first to be sent to Tangshan for disaster relief after a major earthquake struck the city.At that time, there were a total of more than 1,000 soldiers in transport vehicles, rushed to tangshan disaster area.However, there was still a half an hour’s journey, all the transport vehicles somehow suddenly flameout and broke down, the car’s technical personnel immediately got off to check, but there was no check out of anything wrong, how also can not be repaired.But while the soldiers were anxious, something even stranger happened.The headlights of all the cars suddenly went out and everyone was on the alert.At that moment, however, the order came down that the soldiers should alight en mass, that they should push their carriages to the far right of the road, and that they should all get on at once.And repeatedly told them that whatever they saw in the future must remain absolutely silent, not to move.Late at night, Ajie and the other soldiers were sleepy, but the order came first, and everyone had to be alert and alert.When the time came to twelve o ‘clock, the distant suddenly heard the faint sound of hooves, sitting in the car ah Jie instant nervous.As the sound of hooves came nearer and nearer, the soldiers all tensed up, and at last they saw carriages.And the strange thing is, these carriages are from their destination, namely tangshan disaster area.At this time, Ajie suddenly remembered the above order, immediately covered his mouth, lying in the cab watching a carriage galloping past.But the strange thing was that the heads of these carriages were all empty, and there was no driver sitting on them.Just as He looked behind the wagon, Ajay saw something he would never forget.On the back of the wagon, not relief goods, but human heads.Ajie could not believe everything in front of him. At first, he thought it was an illusion, but his teammates had already opened their eyes wide and covered their mouths.For a moment all the soldiers felt a strange sense of oppression, forcing them to lie on the ground, afraid to look at the carriage.Only the daring Ajie hid himself in the cab, squinting at the carriages passing by.More than two hundred of them, by his rough reckoning, passed, and twenty minutes passed before they disappeared from sight.And strange to say, as soon as all the wagons had passed, all the transports that were there suddenly started up again and the soldiers were in shock.But the superior suddenly came the command, let them immediately set out, concentric is not allowed to discuss what just happened.In this way, the soldiers set out again with the mystery in their hearts.But the carriage he had seen that night and the heads on it were still in Ajay’s mind.What on earth was in the carriage?Why will come from the disaster area, why will the car suddenly flameout?However, after the first day of relief operations ended the next day, Ajie had not had time to discuss the matter with his comrades.The gag order came down.I can’t say a word about what I saw that morning.In the face of superior pressure, Ah Jie had to hide the matter in his heart, until he returned to his hometown after his retirement, he dared to speak out.However, after Ah Jie finished speaking, there was an old man in the village immediately said that this must be the so-called shadow soldiers to borrow the way, but also a large scale of the kind.As one of the six dharmas, ghostdo also has wars.And where the anger is heavy, it is likely to become a battlefield.That night Ah Jie saw the carriage is estimated to be Yin soldiers transport wounded troops, and Yin soldiers fighting is likely to be not far from the tangshan disaster area.Generally speaking, Yang people can’t see audio, but soldiers like Ah Jie are full of vigor and vitality. Yang qi is very heavy, which is the most taboo existence of Yin soldiers.And the marching line of disaster relief troops and just with the Yin soldiers of the retreat line overlap.In desperation, the God of the Underworld just let the transport troops forward, let the human through their own way.If you have read this, please give a thumbs-up. The following content will be more exciting. Thank you for your support.However, in addition to Ajie, the older generation of people living in Tangshan also witnessed the Yinbing Jie Road during the Tangshan earthquake.A week after the Tangshan earthquake, a sentinel was said to be patrolling a post outside the city.That night, as he fell asleep, there was a cry in the distance, and he picked up his binoculars and looked out into the countryside.What he couldn’t believe was the appearance of a large number of people just outside the city by the stone bridge.When the sentry looked more closely, he saw that the figures were all unkempt and dressed in a variety of clothes, but most of them were in rags. There were also a large number of naked men and women.With glazed eyes and stiff movements, they ran together toward the stone bridge outside the city.It’s as weird as it gets.See this scene of the little flat was scared to move.But when he regained his consciousness, the men had suddenly disappeared, and the stone bridge was empty.Returning to his unit, the sentry told him the strange story at once.Two days later, however, the sentinels were also given a gag order.Not until after his discharge from the army, when he returned to his hometown, did the guard dare to say anything about it.When the older generation knew, they immediately said that what the sentry saw was the same as the Yin soldiers, but it was different from the Yin soldiers ajie saw in front.These Yin soldiers are not the former war dead troops, but in the Tangshan earthquake killed the dead.Their souls were not taken back to the underworld by the God of the Underworld, but could only hang out in the morning when the sun was weak.The reason why they crowded together to cross the stone bridge must be because they thought it was a helpless bridge.In fact, about the phenomenon of Yin soldiers by the way, there have been experts in the Palace Museum to scientific explanation.According to experts, the reason for the shadows and noises is that the paint on the walls of the Forbidden City is rich in iron tetroxide, a substance with strong magnetic properties.Can record sound waves.In the event of thunder and lightning, the lightning reacts with the iron tetroxide in the wall, causing the wall to record the sound of lightning.But at the same time, some experts said that today’s Palace, its walls have been repeatedly painted, the paint is now free of iron carbon tetroxide, and the previous iron carbon tetroxide has long been covered, it is impossible to still record the sound of thunder.So until now, why the Palace Museum will appear shadow soldiers is still a puzzle, but to explain from the metaphysical point of view, it is not difficult to get the answer.After all, different from the general siheyuan, there are many people who have died of injustice in the Forbidden City. These people’s anger is too heavy to go away, and it is normal to stay in the Forbidden City.But in the final analysis, from the point of view of science and psychology, the so-called secret soldier is probably more of a psychological phenomenon.People tend to see things when they’re nervous.Especially in the wild in the early hours of the morning, a rabbit running past can be regarded as a lion.Although the size of the Yin soldiers by the way is very large, but it is not possible to say which people see the illusion.