The end of three ancient sayings!Gentle and beautiful little servant girl vs dandy little prince

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Gentle and beautiful little servant girl X dandy prince Jiang Sui was born with apricot eyes, peach cheeks and unparalleled appearance.Unfortunately, low status, was stained with gambling addiction pro dad sold xu Fu when the servant girl.The Buddha’s great grandmother pity her, received her in the side waiting.But especially told her not to get in trouble with that dandy known as the little prince.Jiang Sui, who had always been quiet and self-righteous, did not dare to raise her head when she saw the banished childe.So, to that small childe is more retreat three abandon.* Xu Dongting, the son of the Xu family, was naughty and headstrong, but he had a good skin.Everyone laughed at his inability to accomplish great things.But only xu’s little servant girl Jiang Sui knows his profound righteousness, ambition and all his tenderness.* Xu Dongting never asked for a family in his life, but that time.Snow frozen three feet, Xu Dongting knelt in the main hall the night before, shoulders and eyelids covered with a layer of white.He vowed to marry Jiangsui as his wife.Xu love him, but do not want to allow the position of the wife, only he na Jiangsui concubine.Xu Dongting until a very person minister, into the palace line award, she also a serious by the status of the wife.Nuptial chamber, he nuptial wine do, river ear eyes hide water, the corner of the eye is reddish, gently small meaning to call the sound.”Official.”●1v1● background on stilt, please do not test data 2, “as \ fine women with refuse when the control group” baizhiye 4924 Sheng North Lime wear the book.The system told her she was wearing a fake daughter of sheng Xingluo’s control group of real daughter.The original owner of inferiority cowardly, crazy love male master to psychological distortion, trying to break up two people, be beautiful and good female everywhere hit the face, finally collude with business tycoon villain Shen Zhiyuan to suppress Ji Sheng two, fell a jailed end.”As the control group, you are bound to our female-working system…”The sengbein pushed the chattering sound of the system out of his head.Are you kidding?The control group did not.– Shen And Sheng have long been engaged.When Grandpa Shen came to marry Sheng Xingluo for his grandson Shen Zhiyuan, she avoided seeing him.Shen rumor that young master does not like women, she has long been a heart of Ji Qi ‘an, how will be willing to marry.The heart-stopping Sheng Bei Ning came up to Grandpa Shen and smiled. Her red lips lifted. “I marry.”– The wedding night.Shim tried to give his newly married wife some advice on how to get along.”I’ll spend my money as I please. I don’t care about your business.”…?How did you steal his line?– The ji Qi Ann of rebirth finally remembered the memory of the past life.He secretly vowed that this life, he will never let sheng North Lime that evil woman hurt Xingluo.However, that turn a blind eye to him, let people admire, let Shen Zhiyuan willing to be her minister, let Sheng Xingluo jealous crazy, is really Sheng North Key?– The hostess wasn’t perfect.There is a sword fairy in the world, holding in his hand a sword of heaven that is above the three realms.The world scolded her for her insatiable greed. After eight hundred years of practice, she would continue to inflict disaster on the world, asking: “Do you think you can do anything with a sword?”Jiang Lian: “sorry, there is a sword can really do anything.”Until one day, she failed and lost her sword.Three circles cheered for her, lined up to find her revenge.How to see is jiang Lian alone sitting on the branch, side of the monster bodies piled into a mountain.Demon bound complaining, had to run to the human bound.At this point, the three boundaries of chaos.I do not know how long the scourge of life, a monk named Chi From yan with her sword to find.The pool leaves a speech: “open heaven here, sword fairy can return?”Jianglian: “roll \ ah dead mortals.”The pool leaves a speech: “mother \ of rotten immortal.”After returning to the throne, Kaitianjian was no longer used by Jianglian.Two people had to be bound, all previous hardships.After the final pass, Chi Liyan soared…Chi from speech: “later attitude put respect point.”Jianglian: “I count your grandparents according to their generations.”Sanjie daily exclusive interview: # heard that there is a person in the heart of the sword fairy?# Chi Liyan: Thanks for inviting me. I’m on a cloud tour. I just got off the sword.It happens to be in a previous life.Jianxian, didn’t you say that men only affect your speed of drawing sword?# Jianglian: Yes, but he’s a lackey, a pet.● Extremely like the villain of the sword fairy and the world of monks, fine evil not pressure know BG● She really like the villain, the world’s first introduction to attribution author, aggression;Network map, invasion and deletion