The old abbot faced up to the public opinion and ridiculed Simba in the air, denying the rhythm and begging him to give him food to eat

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Those who follow the KS platform must be familiar with the relationship between the famous old abbot and Simba.As a veteran online celebrity within the platform, Lao Abbot has been famous since early years, and his account has gradually gained more than 30 million followers.Different from the old abbot, Simba is a newcomer who rose in the late stage thanks to the “live broadcasting with goods”.However, in a short period of time, Simba’s account has surpassed many old Internet celebrities in terms of number of followers, becoming the new “platform leader”.In the wake of Simba’s rise, veteran Internet celebrities on the KS platform banded together to boycott simba, the so-called “Six Families siege 818”.However, at that time, the old abbot, who was also an old net red, chose to resolutely stand on simba’s position, and did not hesitate to break with the major net red, but also to support Simba.It was this act of the old abbot that established a deep friendship between them.Have to say!After years of following the ks online celebrity circle, the old abbot has done his utmost kindness to Simba, at least in terms of his public behavior.Not only in the other party’s initial stage, gave a lot of help, but also to the heat, but also to help increase fans.And later, when Simba fell into the public opinion of the “sugar water bird’s nest” incident, only the old abbot dared to stand up for him in the entire circle of Internet celebrities.Because of his extreme remarks, his account was banned for half a year.Once a gossip anchor in the circle commented on the old abbot: “This man has no other advantage but enough righteousness!He was even more open with Simba.Of course, in line with the principle of “a drop of water reciprocates a spring of water”, Simba has “fed” the old abbot many times after his rise, frequently appearing in the live broadcast room to brush gifts, which has virtually given the old abbot a lot of heat.Their relationship has had its fair share of hicks, but none of them ended well, with fans of both families chanting “Ba Zhang is one family” all the time.However, just before the Spring Festival, there was a conflict between the old abbot and Simba.And this time, the dispute seems more “real” than ever.The cause of the incident was that a “tuhao elder sister” (CICI), who had been supporting the abbot for years, publicly denounced Simba for using the abbot to “draw a big pie” for him, pretending to be a brother but actually treating him as a subordinate.This speech, let many “zhangmen fans” have a resonance, public opinion spiraled out of control.Since then, a lot of circle Intranet red also participated in come in, the overwhelming discussion sound, let the contradiction between two people more intensified.As the party concerned, the old abbot did not make too much response, but Simba took the lead in making his position clear in the later stage, criticizing the old abbot on the air, believing that the other side deliberately incited fans to lead the rhythm.(PS: Similar to simbali with the old abbot such remarks, the platform has long been internal!The old abbot has not expressed his attitude publicly since the dispute started a year ago. Even though simba has been angrily criticizing him, he has not made any response.But until recently, the old abbot could not sit still and began to face the public opinion after Simbardo “spoke out”.First of all, at that time provoked the contradiction of the “tuhao elder sister” came to the circle network red “two son ye” live broadcast room, hao brush gift on the list.”Er Zi Ye” took advantage of the problem and sent a voice message to ask the old abbot: “Today when I was broadcasting live, Xin Youzhi gave me a gift. What should I do?Should I kick him out?”.In the face of the “second son” deliberately tempted, the old abbot bluntly mocked Simba through the air: “What is xin Youzhi?Do as you please, and I’ll be very happy if you kick him out.”(PS: This speech of the old abbot is also a thorough clarification of our position.Many netizens have speculated that the two brothers are going to “head on”?After mocking Simba in the broadcast room of “Er Zi Ye”, the old abbot went to the broadcast room of “Xiao Gen Ge” (a former apprentice of the old abbot).When he saw that the other side was complaining for him, the old abbot directly went on the mic to clarify his dispute with Simba: “I have never incited any fans or gossip anchors to lead a rhythm. Since Simba thinks that way, I can only say that any crime to be beat up will be easily excused!”I mean, I feel bad. I don’t know why Simba would do that?I don’t know why he’s suddenly attacking me.I would have responded live if it was normal.Now I’m basically relieved, I don’t want to explain anything.I can’t do anything about “Sister Cici” bringing rhythm everywhere. I don’t have the power to control everyone.In fact, I have tried to clarify many times, but all I got was a barrage of abuse…(PS: The old abbot’s words are somewhat helpless.It’s hard to control the attitude of your fans as an anchor.Simba is a bit paranoid (personal opinion) by directly pointing the finger at the old abbot because of fan opinion.At the end of the talk, the old abbot, who always maintained his “domineer” attitude, felt a little aggrieved and begged Simba to give me a bite to eat.It’s not easy for everyone. We all have families to feed.Not everyone can make as much money as you can on the Internet.These last few words, said a little “humble”.Still, it’s not hard to understand what the abbot did when considering the fate of the Internet celebrities who once rebated against Simba.Now That Simba is a giant at KS, any rival would be as much an ant to topple a cathedral.The former Li Minglin is the best example.Although the old abbot is popular, he is still vulnerable to Simba…What do you think of the relationship between the old abbot and Simba?Who do you think is right and who is wrong about this conflict between the two people?Share it in the comments.Do not forget to click on the following if you like the Internet celebrity gossip.(Some of the material in the article comes from the network, if there is infringement, contact me to delete)