With the help of self-developed ski algorithm, OPPO Watch 2 glacier Lake blue edition is released

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OPPO Watch 2 Glacier Lake Blue was unveiled at the OPPO Find X5 launch event on February 24.As a derivative of OPPO Watch 2 42mm eSIM version, the new Watch inherits the core advantages of “intelligence and endurance” of the series, bringing a new glacial lake blue wristband design, supporting outdoor skiing function and new upgraded sleep monitoring, making the wrist guard more considerate.OPPO Watch 2 Glacier Lake blue wristband adopts “three-color oil pressure wristband process” to further improve the texture of the wristband.Different from single-layer fluororubber watchband, glacier lake blue is made of 3 layers of watchband after five times of hundreds of tons of oil pressure, many times of mold shaping.The design inspiration comes from the subtle changes of the polar glaciers. The deep blue of the lake, like snow traces, is faintly visible on the watch band, presenting a unique sense of layering, breathing and slight hazy feeling.In addition to visual innovation, glacier blue also brings comfort to wear and strap strength.The OPPO Watch 2 Glacier Lake blue band is made of skin-friendly soft glue and has excellent rebound ability to resist high-intensity pulling action.In addition, glacier lake blue watchband with more comfortable, more soft touch and better air permeability, even if a long time to wear will not feel uncomfortable, so that no burden of movement.OPPO Watch 2 Glacier Lake Blue supports outdoor skiing, with built-in skiing algorithm developed by OPPO Health Lab to track multi-dimensional skiing sports data.When the outdoor skiing mode is on, the watch can accurately record and monitor the user’s skiing track, distance, number of trips, slope, speed, skiing time, drop and other sports data, as well as the consumption and heart rate during skiing. When the heart rate is too high, the watch will also send a reminder.OPPO Watch 2 Glacier Lake Blue provides users with full-link skiing assistance thanks to professional skiing algorithms and complete fitness features.When users wear the watch, they can do warm-up exercises before skiing and provide data reports after skiing.In the case that the ski resort is free from mobile phones, the full intelligent property of OPPO Watch 2 glacier lake blue comes into play. Relying on eSIM for independent communication, the Watch can make and receive calls at any time, keep wechat online, and provide wechat Pay/Alipay payment, emergency call and other functions, providing convenient services and ensuring safety.In addition, the outdoor skiing mode supports music playback and Insta360 control video shooting, making it easy to get smart experience on your wrist even if you are wearing ski clothes and cannot move easily.The smart Watch is one of the most ideal devices for monitoring sports and health. OPPO Watch 2 glacier Lake Blue is a force in the field of sports and health, bringing users comprehensive and professional health and sports management.Sports, new examination of the cervix simulation test functions, the cooperation with “body branch of the state sport general administration” exclusive Gomore algorithm, support more than 50 cities tested the cervix project and grading standard, the user can choose to skip rope or 1000 m running test project, fill in the project at the same time support data calculation, open and efficient simulation test;In addition, OPPO Watch 2 glacier Lake Blue also provides functions such as test before practice, more than 100 kinds of exercise records and automatic recognition of six common exercises, making it an all-around exercise steward for users.In terms of health monitoring, OPPO Watch 2 Glacier Lake Blue is a comprehensive upgrade for sleep monitoring and sleep scene experience.The watch can be combined with mobile phone use to calibrate sleep accuracy for more accurate monitoring.At the same time, the new sleep heart rate analysis, including sleep heart rate range and baseline heart rate, allows users to better understand their sleep status.In addition, regular sleep mode, personalized sleep advice, automatic music pause during sleep, watch and mobile phone linkage sleep mode and other functions can comprehensively improve users’ sleep scene experience and provide a comfortable sleep environment.OPPO Watch 2 glacier Lake Blue also supports health functions such as continuous blood oxygen monitoring at the second level, irregular heart rhythm monitoring for 24 hours, and family care mode, which is a “health guard” on the user’s wrist.”Intelligent and battery life” is the core advantage of OPPO Watch 2 series. OPPO Watch 2 Glacier Lake Blue inherits the UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology pioneered in this series to bring ultra-long battery life.In addition, the exclusive Metropolitan Museum of New York custom dial, nearly 70 popular APP adaptation, esports mode, classroom mode, real-time cross-screen, and the new ColorOS Watch 3.0 added screen display, Watch fast application and other functions, so that smart life can be raised wrist touch.The OPPO Watch 2 glacier Blue is priced at 1,499 yuan, with a first-sale price of 1,299 yuan.Pre-sale now, on March 3.Editor: Dada/Shenzhen Bay