Xingsha: rural road traffic safety management work of the unity of the exchange mechanisms | county police excellent innovation project of the new era

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Editor’s note: Since the deployment of county police work in the new era, the provincial public security organs have led the reform of police work through mechanism innovation and project driving, realized the improvement of the quality and efficiency of public security work, and effectively maintained the political security and social stability of the province.At the beginning of 2021, the provincial Public Security Department determined 49 county police innovation projects to focus on cultivation, after more than a year of cultivation test, the actual combat application effect is obvious.According to “Provincial Public Security Organs county Police Excellent Innovation Project Evaluation Method”, the provincial Public Security Department selected 17 excellent innovation projects, 32 outstanding innovation projects, among which, changsha public security 3 projects selected excellent innovation projects, 7 projects selected outstanding innovation projects.Changsha warning about the new media will now to show some excellent innovation project, each unit should be based on the experience of the excellent innovation project practice, combined with local practice, enhance the wisdom and courage of innovation, build innovation environment and mechanism, to further strengthen the county police innovation agglomeration degree, active, contribution, and radiation degrees, in a new round of county police work hard ahead, to win the initiative.Xingsha:Rural road traffic safety management work of the unity of the exchange mechanism innovation point (a) break the barrier of the launching, integration of police resources in September 2020, xingsha public security bureau traffic police squadron independently in eight rural police station at once set up eight rural police station traffic police squadron, in keeping the body under the condition of invariable, compilation, responsibilities,The traffic police squadron of grassroots police stations is endowed with responsibilities and functions, and the implementation of a police multi-purpose, unified law enforcement, joint duty.(ii) Focusing on comprehensive measures to improve governance efficiency The “Performance Evaluation Method of Rural Police Stations Participating in Traffic Safety Management in 2021 (Trial)” issued by The Public Security Bureau of Changsha County was adopted to conduct differentiated evaluation of 19 police stations in the county from five modules.At the same time, we will improve and strengthen road safety agencies at the township (street) and village (community) levels, and further strengthen the road traffic supervision safety net.(3) Strengthen publicity and education, to create a strong atmosphere together with towns and streets, village communities, education bureau and other departments, to carry out “house meeting”, “traffic safety first class”, “small hands holding big hands” and other publicity activities more than 600 times, to create a strong traffic safety publicity atmosphere.Since the implementation of the “integration of traffic and transport” innovation of rural road traffic safety management mechanism in Changsha County, it has played a good role in police force optimization, traffic safety risk resolution and other aspects, and achieved no increase in the improvement of public security force.In 2021, the number of traffic fatalities in Changsha county decreased by 12.6% compared with 2020 and 13.3% compared with 2019. The number of traffic fatalities in Changsha county continued to decline for eight consecutive years, and the number of traffic accidents with major or above occurrences was “zero” for eight consecutive years.Source of public security to edit | | hunan can editing | | think it audit rock phase selection