1-0!Asia 1 unbeaten football association chairman still stepped down, fans column 5 “crime” national football team shame

2022-06-18 0 By

Unconsciously, the world preliminary round of the Asian region’s top 12 has been eight rounds, eight games later, China only got five points, two rounds ahead of the Qatar World Cup farewell.In sharp contrast to China’s men’s football team, Iran is ranked no. 1 in Asia.Iran defeated Iraq and the United Arab Emirates 1-0 on the opening day of the national team, and reached the World Cup with seven wins and one draw, becoming the first Asian team to qualify after the host Qatar.But the head of the Iranian football Association, Aziz Khadem, was ousted and fans listed five “crimes” against the head of the Iranian football association.Not long ago, the Iranian Football Association held an impromptu meeting and decided that the former president of the Football Association Aziz Khadem was directly dismissed, he will no longer be responsible for any affairs of Iranian football.Mehrdad Seraj will replace him as the new president of the Iranian Football Association.In response, AfC president Salman has sent a letter to the Iranian Football Association to express congratulations.Under the new leadership, Iranian football will strive for higher goals.Many fans may wonder if Iran has already qualified for the World Cup.Why would the president of the FOOTBALL Association be deposed?In response, the Iranian Football Association’s board of directors issued an open letter listing five of Hadham’s “SINS” that led to his dismissal.First, the tax saved by the tax relief policy implemented by the Iranian government for football has not been returned to the accounts of the Iranian Football Association and distributed to the clubs and relevant organizations, causing problems in their operation.Second, under Hadham, the financial situation of the Iranian Football Association was so dire that they had to rent out their old office building to other companies in order to save money.Third, the coaches of Iran’s national five-a-side team will not sign any employment contracts because they are local coaches.Fourthly, two Iranian clubs, Esteghlal and Persepolis, suffered a great loss due to the failure of the Football association to qualify for this year’s AfC Champions League.Fifth, Haddham acted too much on his own terms, not in accordance with the rules and regulations of the FOOTBALL Association, and made decisions based on personal preferences.The news soon sparked heated debate in China.”Iran’s five-a-side national team doesn’t sign contracts. Isn’t our national team in the same situation?Up to now Li Xiaopeng’s coaching contract has no argument!”Another fan wrote: “Look at the management strength of others. Can the gap between The National football team be small?”Another fan said: “The Chinese Football Association has changed people one after another. Why have they never replaced people who make people feel reliable?”Do not know the chaos of Chinese football, when can completely draw an end to it?