Hezhou Hot Spring will have great changes!Let’s take a look at the renderings

2022-06-18 0 By

You can imagine a hot spring while watching the mountain side of the cloud is not particularly comfortable comfortable people enchanted quickly!Such a yearning life can also be realized in Hezhou Hot Spring!Recently, the official website of Hezhou Natural Resources Bureau released the Public Notice before approval of hezhou Hot Spring Pool Renovation Project Planning and Architectural Design Scheme.The project is located in Hezhou Pinggui District Huangtian Town Road flower village specific planning?You can take a look at the plan after the upgrade of the upgrade of the whole resort inlaid in the woods, you can enjoy the mountain bath, listen to the birds while enjoying the beautiful landscape while feeling the breath of wind, water temperature, let’s take a look at the effect of the transformation after the picture!Let’s look forward to the transformed Hezhou Hot Spring together!Compiling album | Cheng Zai scrutiny | Yin Ping weifang diesel source: oil prices today