Man Shengang, NPC deputy: Concentrate on comprehensive utilization of tailings

2022-06-18 0 By

“Gold enterprises in Jiaodong have an annual output of nearly 27 million tons of flotation tailings, less than 50 percent of which are used for underground filling.The occurrence conditions of non-coal underground mine resources are generally poor, with less than 20% of the mechanized drilling and less than 10% of the mechanized supporting.”The figures come from a research report written by Man Shengang, a deputy to the National People’s Congress.In half a year, he has investigated nearly 30 enterprises and universities in more than 20 cities, looking for both questions and answers.”In Jiaodong alone, there are nearly 15 million tons of tailings that cannot be used. How much land does this take up? It is a double waste of land and resources.”The “old mine”, who had worked for more than 30 years, was determined to solve the long-standing problems that had restricted the development of gold mines.As secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Shandong Gold Group, Man Shen just calculated an account, the comprehensive use of a ton of tailings, can dig a thousand jin of river sand.At present, the country’s tailings stockpile is 19.5 billion tons, 82 percent of which is tailings and waste rock from iron ore, copper, gold and phosphate mining.However, the comprehensive utilization rate of domestic tailings is only 37% (the ratio of the same year), far lower than the level of 62% in mining developed countries. If it can reach the same level, it can not only form a 100 billion yuan industry, improve the utilization rate of resources, but also protect the environment and establish a virtuous ecological cycle mechanism.In October 2021, led by full ShenGang 4 at Northeastern University and other research institutes and nine enterprises and professional and technical personnel to participate in the “gold tailings utilization joint innovation research bases” construction, focus on science and technology resources, conquer flotation tailings, cyanide tailings utilization key technology, ecological construction of tailings utilization demonstration project.The research team organized and carried out the comprehensive recovery experiment of flotation tailings value-added, the exploration experiment of heavy medium separation of construction sand, suspension pyrolysis of cyanide slag and rotary kiln pyrolysis process. Coarse tailings were used as high-quality construction sand, and feldspar was used as ceramic raw materials, and the resource utilization efficiency was greatly improved.At present, some research achievements have been applied in mines.Entering 2022, Man Shengang is still on the road. Under his direct promotion, a tailings comprehensive utilization base is being built beside Bohai Bay.Now, in the mining enterprises affiliated to Shandong Gold, 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other new technologies are being promoted and applied in mines. The traditional mining industry has embarked on the road of digital transformation and upgrading, and a series of intelligent mining scenes are slowly unfolding.(Economic Daily Reporter Li Wanxiang, Wang Jinhu) Source: Economic Daily