Real-time monitoring and dispatching and early warning intelligent control of medical waste transfer

2022-06-18 0 By

“In the transportation of medical waste, it is necessary to do double bags, double bundles and double elimination, pack each bag of medical waste with two layers, seal it twice, and disinfect it before sealing each time, and avoid omission and over-loading of medical waste…”Yesterday, the city conducted the fourth nucleic acid test for all staff, and medical waste surged. Cao Yang, chief of the Ecological Management Section of hedong District Ecological Environment Bureau, was busy at nucleic acid sampling sites in several communities, guiding and helping the collection and transportation of medical waste.At 22:00 yesterday, a professional transport vehicle for transferring medical waste entered the hospital of Changzhou Daojie Community Health Service Center, loaded the special revolving boxes of medical waste in the collection point, and directly transported to the municipal medical waste centralized disposal unit for high temperature incineration harmless disposal.At the same time, on the intelligent control system of medical waste disposal of Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau, a cursor keeps flashing, and the medical waste transfer vehicle has been monitored in real time, and the driving track can be seen in a glance.The “one-click analysis” function of the medical waste disposal intelligent control system can be used to automatically generate daily reports, and the data of each vehicle, such as running track, parking duration and traffic volume, can be combined with the traffic flow data of the city. Through big data analysis, the route can be further optimized and real-time vehicle scheduling can be realized.To prevent medical waste secondary stakeholders epidemic spread risk, based on the medical waste transportation vehicles real-time video monitoring of all, using the beidou satellite positioning systems, intelligent video surveillance equipment, 5 g network communications, automotive machine intercom and other technical means, the city ecological environment agency to monitor vehicle scheduling command, remote transportation conditions in a timely manner to correct the operation behavior in the process of transport.Real-time warning can be given to abnormal stop in the process of medical waste transfer, open the back door midway, fail to drive in accordance with the specified route, and drivers and escorts do not take proper health protection measures.(Reporter Qu Qing)