Spring Festival is about safety and security

2022-06-18 0 By

Southeast Network news on February 8 (Correspondent Chen Nan Xia Yanhua) In order to do a good job of the “post-holiday” work, to create a strong culture and atmosphere of strict, meticulous and solid work safety, to ensure the safe and orderly development of the 2022 production work, on the afternoon of February 7,Minhou County Power Supply Company of State Grid concentrated on the film “Me and My Safety” study and exchange activities.The film viewing activity consisted of 1 main venue and 25 video venues, with 522 leaders, middle-level cadres and front-line staff participating.The film deduces four stories from four aspects of controlling the plan, controlling the team, controlling the personnel and controlling the scene, deeply affecting every viewer.Each case fits the actual situation, touched the heart of every employee on site, knocked everyone’s “safety alarm”.At the time of the full opening of all work in 2022, the film viewing activity is a good warning to the majority of cadres and workers to put safety first, improve safety awareness, based on the “four control”, build a solid line of thought on production safety, and lay a good foundation for the “post-holiday” resumption of work, spring inspection work.After watching the film, the company’s vast number of front-line employees have said: “this film is very realistic, the cause of violations or accidents is nothing more than the site personnel’s weak awareness of safety, violation of ‘safety regulations’.Every one of us has to embrace the idea that we only get full marks on safety, that we have checks in place, that we don’t miss a single detail, that we have measures in place, that we don’t let go of any doubt.”After the company said the “accepting heart” activity, will also supervise subordinate departments, team to strengthen safety supervision, and work site safety controls, push all the frontline staff quickly adjust state of mind, tightens this “string” of production safety, ensure the safety in production work “good start, a good step”, in the New Year to a new level.