The Changsha Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has contributed to epidemic prevention and control and actively served hunan’s economic and social development

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Rednet moment news On April 8 (correspondent Zhao Shusheng) All things recovery, spring breeze.The epidemic has delayed people’s enjoyment of spring.In the face of the epidemic situation of complex, Shanghai pudong development bank changsha branch firmly implement the party committee of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the superior decision deployment, the epidemic prevention and control work and financial service as the top priority, upgrade the prevention and control measures, increase funding support and open financial services, reduction related charges, fully support win the epidemic war.The leading group of THE Epidemic Prevention and control work of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Changsha Branch held a special meeting as soon as possible to discuss and deploy measures to deal with the epidemic, requiring that the health of the general public and employees be given top priority, as well as quality and efficient services during special times.Period at the same time, timely issued by epidemic prevention and control of special network service guide, epidemic prevention and control the emergency response plan, such as notification, to open the epidemic prevention and control spare office space, actively develop business continuity management practice, emphasize further compaction responsibility, strengthen the plan as a whole, to complete each work with highly responsible attitude, make contributions to fight the epidemic prevention and control war.Close services at your fingertips repeated epidemic, many people go out to handle the total fear.However, the residents of the locked-in and controlled areas feel even more inconvenient. How to timely meet their financial service needs has become an important issue concerned by the Party Committee of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Changsha Branch.In order to effectively provide financial services during the special period, on the one hand, the bank strengthened internal management, refined epidemic prevention measures, allocated more epidemic prevention materials, and carried out disinfection in branches. “One customer, one disinfection” was implemented in areas with frequent contact, such as self-service machines and tools, passwords and keyboards.Strictly implement the two lines of income and expenditure, all the income of cash for ultraviolet centralized disinfection, to ensure the safe and reliable cash channels, so that customers can use “rest assured money”.On the other hand, the bank make full use of the “financial” science and technology advantages, practically strengthen online services support, optimize the service functions, to provide water and electricity gas, mobile phone payment, online accounts, transfer the remittance, considerate service, such as buying financial more “PuHui home” electric business platform to provide “good PuHui” life, let people never leave home can be a key to deal with.In addition, elderly customers dial the online customer service hotline 95528 by pressing the no. 3 key can access manual services;Moreover, there is a special “Care version” mobile bank for elderly customers, with large characters, easy to read and convenient, which timely meets the service needs of elderly customers.Under the epidemic situation of financial support and rescue enterprises, many enterprises are faced with the dilemma of capital turnover. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Changsha Branch responded quickly by comprehensively using loans, bonds, trade finance and other ways to increase the supply of financial services, guarantee the financing needs of customers, and escort the development of hunan’s real economy.Data show that in the first quarter of this year, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Changsha Branch has provided credit support of 2.915 billion yuan to 21 medical, hospital, agricultural products, biotechnology and logistics enterprises related to the epidemic, such as Shengxiang Biological, Kefu Medical, Dajia Vikang and so on, to ensure the production and supply of medical supplies and agricultural and sidely-side products.Changsha, Michael dick, intelligent technology co., LTD. Is a focus on life sciences automation, industry the only fully grasp the full range of mechanical arm, rail and algorithm of the high-tech enterprises, the company independent research and development production of fully automatic cup processing system is widely used in large populations of nucleic acid screening work, can achieve automatic work, avoid the operating personnel and pathogenic samples of contact,Protect the lives of medical staff.At present, the cup-splitting system products are widely used by mobile monitoring points, makeshift hospitals, testing centers and other institutions all over the country.In response to the financing needs of enterprises due to the surge of business volume and orders during the epidemic period, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Changsha Branch acted quickly to provide enterprises with a credit line of 5 million yuan, providing efficient and accurate financial services to support enterprises fighting the epidemic.In order to reduce financing costs and help corporate customers overcome difficulties together, the bank offered preferential interest rates to small and micro enterprises. The average interest rates of new small and micro enterprises loans decreased by 23BPs and 34BPs respectively compared with last year, which are lower than the local market level.The bank has also reduced or exempted over 11.4 million yuan of commission fees for over 500 customers of small, medium and micro enterprises directly affected by the epidemic, demonstrating its sense of responsibility.In addition to providing financial services to enterprises for epidemic prevention and control, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Changsha Branch has increased the total financing of the real economy and promoted the realization of the goal of “six stabilizations”.By the end of March, the bank’s balance of loans in the company’s balance sheet was 42.593 billion yuan, 50 new credit customers, the main underwriting bond of 2.4 billion yuan, bank discount of 2.785 billion yuan.Actively Practicing social Responsibility While providing financial services and facilitating the resumption of work and production, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Changsha Branch never forgot to fulfill its social responsibility and provided support for Hunan and Changsha to fight the epidemic.Party members, league members and advanced staff of the Bank actively responded to the call of the organization and played a pioneering and exemplary role. On the basis of their own epidemic prevention, they took the initiative to participate in voluntary services in their streets and communities, assisting in nucleic acid testing, prevention and control knowledge publicity, and corridor inspection and guard work.At the same time, the bank also set up volunteer stations in various branches to publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention and provide free disinfection materials. With responsibility and responsibility, the bank built a defense line against the epidemic and went all out to help “Hunan Green” with “Pudong Blue”.