Top 10 Defensive players of the century: Paul George is on the list, while Great Apes and Pads are both on the list

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There is an old saying in NBA, it is the defender who wins the championship, and indeed it is.Only teams with good defense have a better chance of winning a championship.In order for a team to play well on the defensive side of the court, all players must play well on the defensive side of the court, and every strong team has at least one defensive player. Here are the top 10 defensive players in the NBA this century.No. 10 Paul George defensive achievement: 2 times a defender, one steals may be surprised many young fans, why Paul George will appear in the list, after all the recent seasons, Paul George’s state can use a ghost a god to describe, whether on the offensive end or on the defensive end has a disgrace.In fact, Paul George was a top defensive player before he joined the Clippers, starting out on defense with the Pacers, and eventually becoming a top defensive player.And during his time with the Pacers, Paul George led his team to a showdown with the Heat, only to lose, thanks to his defensive prowess.George also led the league in steals before his injury this season. Unfortunately, he hasn’t returned from the injury and won’t be able to win any steals this season.Defensive achievement: No. 9 Ben Wallace to 5 times the best proof, four dpoy, two rebounds and one the NBA for a number of veteran reporters and fans, they all know how Big Ben has a strong defensive ability, although its not how dominant in terms of height, but it has a very good physical quality, is not afraid of physical confrontation.Two rebounds and one block is enough to show that he is a big gate under the basket and is among the best in rim protection. As long as he is in the paint, it is very difficult for opponents to break down this defense.When O ‘Neill met him, he also ate it, thanks to him, and even said he was like he met a prime, it was hard for him to fight his way out.If not completely contained o ‘Neal, it was a good thing he ate.No.8 Tony Allen defensive achievements: 3 best single-man defensive ability on the perimeter, so kobe and Durant are very admired, can indeed be listed, and compared to Bowen, he has a particularly clean defense.Physically and technically, he is very good, and his defensive INTELLIGENCE is very high, which is particularly important.He has studied scorers like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant so thoroughly that he can play targeted defense in a way that makes it difficult for opponents to win.Allen doesn’t have a top-tier defense, which may be a slight weakness, and he doesn’t have much of a limit when a heavy middle player like James hits the road.Paul’s defense is indeed excellent, although he is not tall, but often can make opponents very headache on the defensive end, is a steal expert, in NBA history, few players can get so many steals.Although he is good at steals, he doesn’t take too many risks, finds the right time to do it, and has a good rebounding efficiency.Unlike most defenders, he is also very good on the offensive end, a very good mid-range jumper, adept at fadeaway and dry pull-up jumpers, both on screens and one-on-one.Still think Nowitzki won a title in 2011?Everybody’s wrong, kidd has put a lot of effort into it, and without kidd trying to slow things down defensively, it’s hard for Him to do anything offensively.He is also good at close defense, can create pressure for the opponent, make the other side busy mistakes and finally complete the tackle, and he is just because of this can quickly turn to attack, and he is not only a single defense hero, but also good at assisting the defense, and just because of this can disrupt the opponent’s attack in the group war.Even when it comes to speed (especially in lateral movement), Kidd has slipped too much in his old age, but he has limited himself against the likes of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant and Lebron James.No.5 Kawhi Leonard’s defensive achievements:DOPY twice, three times the best proof, one steals small card’s defensive ability is needless to say, can say there is no any player in the small forward position can be comparable, although only three times in his career for a proof to the squad, but also got the twice in his career dpoy steals and 1 time,This achievement is unmatched by any small forward in history.In matchups, Carmelo guards the best offensive players on the other team, disrupting their rhythm if not completely limiting them, and the death coil is one of the best, making a lot of opponents very upset.They felt a lot of pressure against Lebron James and Giannis antetokounmpo.Last season, the Clippers didn’t make the Finals without him.No.4 Dwight Howard’s defensive achievements:Dpoy three times, four times the best proof, five rebounds, 2 times the NBA had magic into the finals, also can see how strong defensive ability, Howard warcraft is full squad after a week at the time, and in addition to Howard, the rest of the players are not in defence, can say is basically Howard a person hold up the defensive system of warcraft,It’s amazing.As long as it sits in the basket, then warcraft’s penalty area has a big barrier, with its excellent explosive power and in the paint area has a leisurely defense, take the rebound as the bag.But Howard suffered a back injury at the height of his powers, which took him down a few notches on both ends of the floor and prevented him from dominating the league.Kobe’s defense has always been underrated by the media and fans. After all, Kobe’s defensive stats are not that great, even when compared to guards, his rebounds and blocks are mediocre, let alone steals.Yet focused on efficiency rather than data on defense, if only see the data, so the history of a lot of people can enter the all-defensive team, a lot of defensive ability is data cannot be reflected, such as tight defense and help defense, or making an offensive foul these can reflect from the data, and Bryant is good at tight defense,Cabrera also learned the death wrap from him, and he also used this trick to prevent Dwyane Wade to a 24 second violation. It can be said that Kobe is not easy to steal or block a shot, preferring a steady approach to defense, which leads to many people who only look at statistics to ignore Kobe’s defensive ability.There are only four players in NBA history who have been named to the NBA’s All-Nba Conference nine times, and only Kevin Garnett has achieved that feat in the post.After all, Garnett has a natural defensive physical talent, can defend from 1 to 5, has a huge advantage in the infinite change of defense, whether it is against penetration or against shooting is his own tricks, is indeed a rare inside.And in the era of the center, he can get 4 rebounds, enough to show that he has a very good physical ability, can compete with the center.In his career, he was also responsible for defending the best opposing offensive generals, such as Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, who had suffered losses there.If say its insufficient place, perhaps is the physical quality did not reach the top, in the block shot aspect did not particularly outstanding.No.1 Duncan defensive Achievements: 15-time All-DEFENSIVE Team Selection, first in history, No other player has ever come close to that achievement.Despite not having a DPOY in his career and being named all-Defensive only eight times, he has played so consistently that the accolade speaks for itself.Duncan has a relatively good physical fitness and very solid basic skills, which allows him to make a difference on the defensive end, not only can be a lone guard, can assist defense, sometimes can be used as a center, o ‘Neal at the beginning of the time when he was also hindered.However, just because he was too stable in defense, he did not have any outstanding performance, which led to his being ignored by the judges. That is why he did not get such achievements as DPOY, which is the biggest regret of DPOY award.