Delicious big lumpy soup

2022-06-19 0 By

Hello everyone, I am Yunlong, today I would like to recommend a delicious food, the way of pimple soup, we have eaten pimple soup, but today is different, today is my childhood memories, my mother once made super delicious super big pimple soup, you learn, you can try it, it is really delicious,Began to made the first step is simple, first of all, under the pumpkin to 400 grams, cut into large pieces of the second step the right amount of flour to spare the pumpkin slices, according to the family, how much to add, flour in the water, and to the degree of alternate and the third dish up to burn oil, oil heat, scallions blasting under the pot, and then down to saute sauce, add pepper noodles stir incense, add the pumpkin to stir,Add water to boil for reserve after adding water after frying pumpkin fourth step and then use a small spoon into the size of 2 cm or so lumps into lumps fifth step lumps all lumps into the pot after boiling, small and medium fire cooked out of the pot, this delicious, big lumps soup cooked out of food Brother Yunlong:Focus on Yunlong food, home page has more real food tutorials, there is always a suitable for you, we will see you next time.