Foolish head told wealth, a girl in the village called small cui, hope to introduce the city to his friends

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Foolish head to tell prosperous wealth, his village a girl called small cui.He wished he could introduce him to his friends in the city.Prosperous wealth asks small cui long what appearance?The fool replied that they all said he looked like a flower in the village.After prosperous wealth hears, hurriedly let foolish head introduce this beauty to oneself.When you listen to a friend tell you about a person’s appearance.Don’t overthink yourself.And that day prosperous wealth listens to foolish head to say the village has a girl to call small emerald green to grow like a flower, still want to know the person of the city.Hence from flourishing wealth hurriedly let foolish head introduce this beauty to oneself.That’s the end of this cartoon.Miss Liu was hurt.Daotou said that when he was discharged, he would send a wheelchair to Teacher Liu.The result arrived discharge that day, what liu teacher received is the baby walker that foolish head sends him.In the end, Liu had to brave it out and go home on her walker.Nuomi tuan says his “mouse” is very smart, will work together to steal eggs!Dathead thought the sun was just right, so he decided to tan himself!