James Harden’s chances of leaving the net have skyrocketed, Kyrie Irving and Steve Nash are real reasons, and the Sixers are potential buyers

2022-06-19 0 By

Harden couldn’t beat the Lakers with 33+12+11 triple-doubles. It’s not easy for Harden to put up those numbers this season, but it’s kind of frustrating not to win.With Harden leading the team to a loss, it certainly increases the possibility that Harden will leave the team, which is the biggest concern for Nets fans, but for Harden, it’s something to consider.Revealed that there are many journalists harden will join message of 76 people, after running to the rockets deal, the nets with 76 people is to harden the preferred team, the reason is very simple, the nets have Kevin durant and harden like coach, and 76 people have the dog at, harden now wants to leave the inevitable or 76 people preferred.76 ers strength is not bad, even if simmons has not return, but Mr Bede led also not bad, if harden with grace than Germany, the combination of the outside threats have the potential to become the contemporary OK combination, and grace was still young enough, the peak of the 76 ers keep longer, this team is willing to spend money, even if the opening is not good,There’s also a good chance that going slow will bring Harden a championship.Running away from the nets is also the cause of it’s not hard to guess, Michael Owen is certainly harden leave the primary factor, because Michael Owen to let the nets becomes unstable, Owen part-time, now he is relaxed, but running this season are so tired, especially during this period, harden and mononuclear solver, the nets side pressure all came to harden the body,Harden didn’t want to carry that kind of pressure when he came to the Nets.If Owen is the main factor, Nash is the secondary factor, Nash’s coaching approach is really bad, even a set of fixed line-up cannot be discharged, the injury is indeed a factor, but Steve Nash is the most important factor, harden play still needs a stable team, but that Steve Nash is unable to meet him,Harden is really frustrated that a giant has to fit in with the rest of the team.Now harden join the nets have a wrong choice, at the very least, don’t get the answer he wanted, but also lead to their own strength, more outgoing type slide precipice, before it will be unfavorable for harden, harden today’s purpose is not only a title, and ensure that their commercial value, the nets have apparently not fit harden,The Sixers are a good choice.76 people now management is very chaotic, and harden wants to join in 76, also have to wait for simmons was killed, or both direct trading, 76 people will surely not willing to sacrifice the team most young role players signed to change with the first round of harden, that will lead to their squad more uncoordinated, so simmons is the first choice of trading,Harden could also blow the Nets out of the water.