Philips Euwind series noise reduction true wireless earphone T8506 sound quality good battery life strong fragrance

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Real wireless headphones after several years of development, now in all aspects are more mature, the function is also more close to the needs of consumers, and many manufacturers to join consumers have more choices.But for business people and white-collar crowd, in choosing a true wireless headphones they pay more attention to the brand and quality, noise performance, battery life, etc., recently, philips audio launch of a new generation of quasi new flagship ou feng series noise wireless headset – T8506 is really a positioning business people and young white-collar workers TWS headphones.The Philips T8506 delivers excellent noise reduction while emphasizing high-end sound quality and high-definition calling performance.Philips T8506 adopts the mainstream dual feedback ANC hybrid noise reduction solution and feedforward + feedback active noise reduction technology. Such configuration can bring excellent performance both in noise reduction depth and sound reduction, allowing users to stay focused and immersed in their own music world.Combine with Comply TS series memory foam earplugs for a more comfortable and safe wear experience in terms of sound insulation and wear comfort.In terms of noise reduction, Philips T8506 uses ENC wind noise reduction technology innovatively. Three microphones are built into the earplug, one for voice calls and the other two (i.e. feedforward and feedback) for measuring and processing environmental noise respectively.Combined with the anti-wind noise structure on the outside of the earplug and the operation of the special APP, it can avoid the windward noise in windy environment, so that business calls can present crystal clear sound.LDAC and HI-RES certified sound quality Sound quality is the soul of a headset, and the sound quality of philips Audio headset products has never disappointed.Philips T8506 continues to be tuned in the same way as Philips premium earphones. The perfectly tuned 13mm neodymium unit is another masterpiece of philips acoustic engineers and the Golden Ears acoustic team.In addition, the T8506 supports THE LDAC Bluetooth Audio encoding format, which is certified as hi-Res Audio Wireless standard, the highest standard for playing high-fidelity music in Bluetooth headsets.Philips T8506 sound quality is very powerful, can bring the user the high quality original sound enjoyment.Philips T8506 is full of technology and technology. It has built-in infrared sensor, which can actually measure the wearing status. One of the T8506 can be put back into the charging pod, and the other one can automatically enter the single-ear mode, seamlessly connecting music/call, and never return to the stereo mode after re-wearing.(Intellisense can be turned off, on, and changed in the headset APP).Ultra long battery life Wireless charging capability is one of the key points we should pay attention to when choosing a headset.The Philips T8506 can provide up to 32 hours of power with a charging pod, which greatly ensures our usage time.Monaural continuous music playback can be up to 8 hours with ANC noise reduction turned off and about 6 hours with ANC on.Conclusion: In addition to the advantages mentioned above, philips T8506 headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 technology for faster and more stable connection, and IPX4 waterproof for splashing, which can meet the needs of rainy weather scenarios.For more functions, you can go to the jingdong self-operated flagship store of Philips Video and Audio, which will bring you more surprises.