The Spring Festival three promotional activities more gifts waiting for you

2022-06-19 0 By

Online Spring Festival, food in Zhuzhou, UnionPay aggregation code Hui enterprise……With the Spring Festival approaching, the municipal bureau of Commerce and grain launched three thematic promotional activities to stimulate the consumption enthusiasm of citizens during the festival and promote the prosperity of the market.From January 18, the 2022 Zhuzhou “Online Spring Festival, UnionPay convergence code” promotion warm action officially launched, relying on local retailers, e-commerce platforms, production enterprises and other operating entities, to carry out the Fast Hand, Taobao live Spring Festival and local Spring Festival “Cloud market”, “cloud restaurant”, “Cloud pay New Year” and other activities.Help zhuzhou local characteristics of businesses to promote sales, detonating the New Year consumer season.Activities will be continued until Feb. 8, during the period of “zhuzhou online” docking local retail, catering, entertainment, such as businesses, online promotions, local rural tourism and leisure agriculture service, family reunion dinner reservation, attractions tickets and other services, consumer online booking offline consumption, not only to enjoy the discount, also boosted spending.According to statistics, online New Year goods festival activities, by day ze gorgeous operation taobao live, gorgeous local anchor sun sister, to Shapo, Tang God, youxian Xiangdong products such as the main dozen, a total of zhuzhou sales of local agricultural products more than 500,000 yuan.Unionpay “cloud flash payment” activity is also hot, citizens through the “cloud flash payment” APP to pay 2 yuan to buy a 70% discount meal coupon, can enjoy a 30% discount up to 100 yuan discount;In the promotion and warmth action of UnionPay Aggregator Code Hui Enterprise, consumers can swipe the bank card with “62” starting from each bank APP in participating units, and a single transaction of more than 200 yuan can participate in the lucky draw, with the highest prize of 18,888 yuan.(Reporter: Xiaohui Hou Pucheng)