The face of The Spring Festival Travel Rush

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In the pearl River estuary in the west of Shenzhen, construction ships, high-speed passenger ships, oil tankers, container ships, yachts, fishing boats and other types of vessels are busy, and the national key project deep Channel is in full swing.In the Spring Festival of The year of Nonyin, in such a sea with complicated navigation environment and great difficulty in supervision, a “maritime vanguard”, focusing on the construction of deep-sea channel and aiming at maintaining the safety of the waters under its jurisdiction, still fought day and night in the front line of ensuring access and traffic, interpreting “loyalty red” with “maritime blue”.This is the vanguard team of Shenzhen Baoan Maritime Safety Bureau.The annual passenger throughput of Shenzhen Bao ‘an International Airport, which integrates land, sea and air transport, ranks among the top three in China. With the Spring Festival approaching, flights in and out of the port are busy, and the demand for jet fuel is even stronger.Shenzhen Airport oil terminal, as the only fuel receiving and unloading point of Shenzhen Airport, can be said to be the “engine” and “lifeline” of the airport.Since Spring Festival opened in 2022, “pressure-pad-force guards” vanguard through a variety of forms such as interviews, visits, on-site inspection terminal and oil company self-check risks, establish communication mechanism, at the same time as the tanker, or create a “green channel”, more than 20 ships security clearance for oil tanker, China aviation oil transportation safety of more than 40000 tons,Spring Festival travel for citizens “refueling” power.The vanguard of the Deep Guard conducts on-site inspections on ships carrying jet fuel.During the Spring Festival, aviation fuel transportation will not stop.”We use the supervision service platform, CCTV and other information means to carry out continuous electronic inspections, implement the 24-hour emergency duty system, and strengthen on-site escort to ensure clear, efficient and convenient routes for oil vessels entering and leaving ports.”Captain Zhang Wei introduced.The vanguard of the “Deep Guard” will strengthen the escort of jet fuel ships entering and leaving ports.Several flights between Zhuhai and Zhongshan have been opened at shenzhen Airport terminal, but all flights have been suspended due to the epidemic since the Spring Festival travel rush began.In accordance with the principle of “non-stop supervision”, the pioneer team carried out all-round “physical examination” on key equipment, crew practice and epidemic prevention measures of suspended high-speed passenger ships in advance to ensure “full coverage” of safety inspection and “full seaworthiness” of high-speed passenger ships, so as to make preparations for the resumption of flights at any time.As the epidemic prevention and control situation gradually stabilized, air routes between Zhuhai and Zhongshan resumed operation on January 29, ahead of the Spring Festival.The vanguard of the Deep Guard conducts on-site inspection of high-speed passenger ships.On New Year’s Eve, the lights are on, and the high-speed passenger ships at the airport dock shuttle back and forth, and the passengers are on their way home with the hope of the New Year.”Peng Xing XX, please strengthen the lookout, safe navigation, pay attention to listen to the relevant early warning and control information, I wish everyone a happy New Year’s Eve…”Li Xu and Song Xinfeng, members of the pioneer team, still stick to the cruise line of high-speed passenger ships entering and leaving the port. They issued reminders through high frequency to clean up the obstacles to navigation in time, ensure the smooth passage, and protect thousands of passengers to travel safely and return home safely.The “Accelerator” Shenzhen-China Corridor is a key transportation infrastructure project in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. During the Spring Festival Travel rush, key processes of the project are not stopped, and more than 1,500 construction workers are working on the project.On the third night of the lunar New Year, affected by the cold wave, the wind and waves in the western waters of Shenzhen were fierce, and cold rain fell on the sea.The sea patrol ship shook violently in the wind and rain, Zhang Wei led the team to the deep channel near the west artificial island.”Captain, there are many vessels under construction here, and the visibility is poor, so let’s drive slowly and check every area carefully.” While directing the crew to adjust the direction of the searchlight, Zhang Wei observed the sea situation carefully with binoculars. He also told the crew to keep a good grasp of the dynamics of the construction vessels that had been inspected before.During the Spring Festival, the vanguard is so adhere to the “boring” cruise, alert, inspection……The vanguard of the “Deep Guard” strengthened the patrol of the construction area of the Deep Channel.When it comes to spending the Spring Festival together with the builders, Zhang Wei introduced, “We established the joint rescue mechanism of ‘maritime affairs, hospitals and construction enterprises’ and opened the emergency life channel service, which is also to provide some intimate services to the workers and escort the full operation of the project’ Tiger ‘force.”Source: Shenzhen Maritime