The latest price list of longquan Cemetery in Changping District in 2022

2022-06-19 0 By

Longquan Cemetery in Changping District is located in the west of Qincheng Village, Xingshou Town, Changping District.Although the area is relatively small, estimated at 100 mu, but the planning of the park and the greening of the tomb area are very good.Longquan Cemetery in Changping District is surrounded by boa Mountain National Forest Park, Jundu Mountain ski resort, national Forest Park and other scenic spots. The cemetery is a cemetery surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing water on the other side. Looking from the cemetery to the mountain, the whole cemetery area is like a mountain of overlapping peaks, which makes people feel the magnificent beauty of the blessed land.The following is the latest price list of Longquan Cemetery in Changping District in 2022: The starting price of the art stele of Longquan Cemetery is 96,000 yuan;Longquan Cemetery Indian red double cave art stele from 69,800 yuan;Longquan Cemetery Indian red, Shanxi black double point art monument Indian red, Shanxi black from 69800 yuan;Longquan Cemetery shanxi Heishuangxue art stele from 83,800 yuan;Longquan Cemetery white marble double cave traditional monument starting at 91,800 yuan;In addition, Longquan Cemetery, Jiulishan Cemetery area 2, Yan Huang Cemetery, Taofeng Cemetery, etc., are in changping District, east of the main urban area of the Beijing-Secret diversion canal bank, Xinshanchang Funeral xiaobian suggests that families can make a free appointment to see the tomb bus can visit a number of cemetery cemeteries, so that families can buy a satisfactory land in the shortest time.