Zhou Haimei becomes extinct teacher tai, Ye Tong one play three generations, how many familiar face in the remake in selling feelings?

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Have you seen the big movie “Leaning on the Sky and Killing the Dragon” directed by Wang Jing?It doesn’t matter if I haven’t seen it. I think I have a little impression on this film.Lin Feng and Louis Koo’s wonderful modelling rice elder sister will not say much, zhou Zhi if unexpectedly became ji Xiao fu and Yang Xiao’s daughter…Rice elder sister heart is capital speechless.This movie invited a lot of big names to help, Louis Koo, Donnie Yen, Daniel Wu, Lin Feng, single out is a box office guarantee.Unfortunately, it is clearly a young spirit, sword jianghu jin Yong wuxia, but was shot out of the middle-aged vicissitudy sense.If it has to have a surprise, it’s Chen Zihan as the Purple Dragon King.Chen zihan, who played Yin Li in Su’s Version of “Leaning On the Sky and Slaying the Dragon,” is disfigured in most scenes, but her beauty is still noticeable.But this version of the beauty is too much, although Chen Zihan is pretty, but in the “reliance on the sky four Beauty” is really not brilliant.I didn’t expect that after more than 20 years, I saw Chen Zihan again in the related drama of “Lean on Heaven”, and she had been upgraded to become an elder.However, compared with that year’s green, now she has more years of precipitation after the calm and atmosphere, accidentally fit the First beauty of Daisy (Purple dragon King) set.Even she alone can beat the young female characters in this version of Heaven.Sure enough, no contrast, no harm.However, in recent years, it is not rare to find a classic version of the old actors to guest star in such remakes, especially in the remake of Jin Yong’s works, it is everywhere.Zhou Haimei – extinction teacher in the heart of sister rice, white moonlight version of Zhou Zhi if is Gao Yuanyuan, at that time she left a thick and heavy color in the heart of younger sister rice.But there is no denying that zhou Hai mei version of Zhou Zhi if is a classic in many people’s hearts.When she was young, she looked delicate, eyes full of autumn water, looking at the light, looking at people with some of the total seems to have no sorrow.The features are almost a model of classical beauty.This version is called by a lot of audience “the most beautiful Week Zhi if”, even the original author Jin Yong Mr Once said: if know is Zhou Haimei to play, he had let Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhi if together.Fifteen years later, Zhou haimei was transformed into an extinct teacher in Tseng Shun-xi’s “Lean on Heaven”.She was no longer young, and although she could still see some of her old features, her fat figure and saggy cheeks were no longer so beautiful.Zhou Zhi if finally became extinct teacher tai, in a sense is also the story reflects reality, think or quite mysterious.After the story of Leaning on the Sky and Slaughtering the Dragon, let’s talk about another frequently remade novel by Jin Yong, Tian Long Ba Bu (Tian Long Ba Bu).Rice elder sister sees most is huang Rihua version and Hu Jun version, these two versions have their own classic place.And 2021 broadcast Yang Youning version, really let rice elder sister all-round, multi-angle emO for a long time.The show also features a guest star, Liu Yucui (Liu Qiaofang), who played Violet’s mother ruan Xingzhu in the 1997 film.This is also very normal operation, but the problem is in the original Ruan Xing Zhu star eyes bamboo waist, delicate but people, is over 30 years still graceful beautiful woman.Liu was already 53 when she was invited to shoot the drama. Not to mention her appearance itself is not weak, but her appearance during the shooting is more like a weather-beaten old woman than a delicate woman.(For the status, not the actors themselves.)When Liu Yu-cui played Violet, many people mocked her as “the ugliest Violet”.Fan jie thinks liu Yucui is not that amazing compared to other versions of PURPLE, but her acting is really good, at least when you watch it, you will not be acting.However, some audience joked that it would be better to find Chen Hao to play (Hu Jun version of “Tianlong Eight parts” Ah Zi actor).This is no wonder, after all, the peak period of the “heartbreaker” Chen Hao is really more close to the original work in the description of Ruan Xing Zhu, can be called beautiful not square thing.There are many versions of the Return of the Condor Heroes. How many of you have seen the Singapore version in 1998?Fan sister to that version of the deepest impression is the “little dragon woman” Fan Wenfang, her beauty needless to say.But her look on the show is a bit of a mess, with strands of hair in front of her forehead like she’s pushing the boundaries of obsessive-compulsive disorder.Few people might have noticed that Li Mingshun, who played Yang Guo in the 1998 version of the divine Condor, guest starred as Huang Yaoshi in Chen Xiao’s version.Compared to Louis Koo, Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming and many other versions of Yang Guo, Li mingshun actually looks as good as any.As a young man, he was handsome and had a strong brow, and his appearance was far better than that of some of today’s leading men in costume dramas.Later see Chen Xiao version of “Divine Eagle”, rice elder sister in full screen “small dragon female small cage bun” in the mock bullet screen, accidentally found someone popular science “Huang Yaoshi” actor also played Yang Guo, it found that he was Actually Li Mingshun.Li mingshun played Huang yaoshi very lively, but I have to say, the former “Singapore’s first child”, now has become a face of vicissitudes of the uncle.In addition, Fan Wenfang and Li Mingshun became lovers in real life.However, they have written very little in recent years, and perhaps their focus has been on enjoying life rather than working hard.A piece of fun: Ye Tong also played Xu Xian’s mother!But she has aged considerably, with saggy cheeks, deep wrinkles and a loss of sparkle in her eyes.When the name Ye Tong is mentioned, many people’s first reaction is Xu Xian, which seems to be her label.Although she is the opposite, Yip brings the role of Xu Xian to life, from the surprise and love of meeting lady White to the hesitation and hesitation of discovering the truth.Seventeen years later, when she joined Ju Jingyi’s version of The Legend of The New Lady White, many Internet users have exclaimed, “Ye Qinghui!” Others have made jokes: Congratulations to Ye for combining the three generations of Xu’s mother, Xu Xian and Xu Shilin!However, maybe it was because xu Xian was so classic at that time that sister Fan often acted when she played Xu’s mother. She always felt that xu Xian was wearing his mother’s clothes secretly.It’s not teacher Yip tong’s fault, it’s sister Fan’s personal feeling, I don’t know if you felt the same way when you watched the drama.Ruby Lin – Xia Yuhe “new Return of pearls Princess” that year when broadcast, a joke.Perhaps because the original was so classic, many people questioned the casting, setting and lines of the new version.I don’t know. I’m surprised. It’s been 11 years since the Show aired.Although this play groove point quite many, but the beauty is not a few, play qing er Zhao Liying, play Liu Hong zhou Fang, play Du Ruolan Zhang Jiani, all the United States is not common.It is especially worth mentioning that this version of “Daming Lake summer rain lotus”, is still played by Ruby Lin.I mean, the new look isn’t as classic as the old one.It is also Ruby Lin, the new version of her shape like a servant girl, and the old version of her body that “abdominal poetry qi from China” is the most special place.I don’t know how many people have found this out, but Qin LAN, the star of “Zhihua”, also made a guest appearance on “The Return of the Pearl”.She plays Du Xueyin, xiao Yan Zi and Xiao Jian’s biological mother.Just kidding, this look is so ugly…When I saw the third book of My Fair Princess, almost everyone scolded Zhihua, thinking she was scheming and bent on breaking up lovers.When I grew up and watched it again, I began to sympathize with her.Pull away, at that time rice elder sister chase “new return bead” of time, see Qin LAN appear meng three seconds and then crazy “ha ha ha”, this kind of design is quite fun: originally is the old enemy of small swallow (know painting), suddenly became her mother.Is this the legendary “if you don’t beat you, you become your mother”?Conclusion As for why these old actors to the guest, the reason is very simple.On the one hand, veteran actors are usually paid less, and if they are guest stars, the investment is even lower.On the other hand, it’s a great marketing hot spot, not only to sell feelings, but also to ride a wave of traffic that year’s hit shows.The producers know better than we do!In fact, sister rice is not against looking for old actors to guest star, if the series itself is excellent, set reasonable, to a wave of “dream linkage” is a win-win move.But if the remake script itself is not sincere “sell feelings, make money” “bad film”, that is not necessary ha.# Classic Remake #, # Chen Zihan #, # Zhou Haimei #