A-share three major indexes tumbled: gem index lost 3000 points more than 4,400 stocks fell

2022-06-20 0 By

25, the three major stock indexes opened lower, fell sharply in the afternoon, down more than 2%;Shanghai index lost 3500 points, Shenzhen index lost 14000 points integer level, gem below 3000 points;The turnover between the two markets was about $930 billion, which was larger than yesterday;Nbi capital net sold more than 3.5 billion yuan.At the close of trading, the Shanghai Index fell 2.58 percent to 3433.06 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.83 percent to 13683.89 points, and the Growth Enterprise Index fell 2.67 percent to 2974.96 points.The two cities clinked a total of 936.8 billion yuan, with north Capital selling a net 3.574 billion yuan.On the disk, the two city plates almost all green, online games, digital currency, meta-universe, cloud computing concept fell sharply, coal, electric power, food and beverage, wine, medicine and other plates fell more than 4%, only tourism, hotel catering plate market strength.Individual stocks, more than 100 stocks fell more than 10 percent, and more than 250 stocks fell more than 8 percent.Citic Securities recently said that the “policy bottom” has been clear, the “emotional bottom” is coming, the “market bottom” is getting closer and closer, it is suggested to continue to closely follow the “two low” layout of blue chips, to meet the starting point of the first half of the market.First of all, the data shows that the maximum economic downward pressure point has passed, but the dependence on policy is still strong, local “NPC and CPPCC” shows that the trend of stabilizing the economy by investment is obvious, and the monetary first force exceeded expectations, other ministries and local policies are forming a joint force, the “policy bottom” has been clear.Secondly, the emotional catharsis induced by the collapse of the high group is coming to an end. The short-term adjustment of the market deviates from both the monetary easing trend and the fundamental trend supported by the policy. The divergence of internal and external capital behavior is also evidence, and the “emotional bottom” is coming.Finally, with the steady growth of the main line consensus continues to improve, emotional catharsis is coming to an end, it is expected that the market capital will resume to flow, “market bottom” gradually approaching, it is suggested to closely follow the “steady growth” main line, focus on “two low” to continue to layout high-quality blue chips, to meet the starting point of the first half of the market.Galaxy securities pointed out that the recent market worries constantly release, a-share market valuations fall below average – A standard deviation, recently nasdaq global liquidity tightening expectations overlay on the a-share market fell sharply, although A certain impact, but the overseas market risk impact on the a-share market main investor sentiment, short-term, north to capital flows rapidly and recentIn fact, there is no great impact on the overall liquidity of A shares. At present, interest rate hike expectations have been gradually reflected, and the valuation of A shares has fallen to A lower position. In the afternoon, after investor sentiment stabilizes and some track risks are gradually released, the spring market driven by steady growth may gradually open.The macroeconomic downturn in the first quarter and crowded transactions in some circuits are important factors restricting the market upside, but the market is supported by abundant market liquidity and the relatively loose money-credit cycle.Industry, new energy related industries in the near future risk release;Some industries with poor performance in the early stage, such as big finance, have no signs of significant improvement in fundamentals, but their valuations are low and they are highly defensive. Therefore, balanced allocation is recommended: 1.Semiconductor, military, green electricity, individual consumer goods and other high prosperity of the segmented industry, can be long-term configuration.2. Electronics, home appliances, building materials, computers and other sectors performed better during the spring market.3. Balanced allocation of sectors with valuation repair power and both offense and defense, such as big finance and big infrastructure.