New policy of Tianjin points-based household registration: abolish the limit on annual household registration

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Zhejiang: In 2022, 300,000 sets of guaranteed rental houses will be raised, and risks in the real estate field will be safely handled.Common property rights housing purchase within 3 years shall not transfer individual shares Hefei will be aucted on January 27 16 plots of land Chengdu Xindu District in 2022 will push 39 land, about 2191.17 mu Hong Kong 2021 luxury sales registered 4366 cases, a total value of 1971 billion HK Dollars January 24,The application for the first phase of The integral residence registration in Tianjin in 2022 has officially started. The newly revised Measures for The Administration of Tianjin Residence Permit, The Integral Index and Value Table of Tianjin Residence Permit, and the Implementation Rules for the Integral Management of Tianjin Residence Permit have been launched for the first time after the official implementation.It is reported that the newly revised policy loosens the application requirements. The original requirement of “paying social insurance premiums continuously for at least one year” is changed to “paying social insurance premiums continuously for at least one year or paying social insurance premiums normally for at least three years since the implementation of the residence permit management system in Japan on January 1, 2014”.We will move forward in an orderly manner the citizenization of non-tianjin residents who have lived and worked in Tianjin for a long time.The clause announcing the total number of registered urban residents by points each year was deleted, and the annual limit on the number of registered urban residents was cancelled.The “one vote veto” clause in violation of the family planning policy was deleted to further expand the coverage of the policy.In addition, the expediting window was handled to continue to optimize the audit process, accelerate the progress of the audit, shorten the time limit of the audit, reduce the time limit of the audit score to 20 days, and accelerate the time of the announcement of the score value by nearly one month.On January 24, the General Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Government released the 2022 Government Work Report, which specifies that Zhejiang will build and raise 300,000 affordable rental housing units this year, and start renovating at least 600 and 7,500 old residential areas in cities and towns.In addition, the Government Work Report calls for all-out efforts to guard against economic and financial risks in terms of “coordinating development and security, effectively preventing and resolving various risks and challenges.”We will continue to guard against and defuse corporate debt risks, orderly dispose of private investment funds and other risks, crack down on illegal fundraising and other illegal financial activities, prudently handle risks in the real estate sector in accordance with the law, and steadily defuse hidden debt risks of local governments.We will support and guide the sound development of regulated capital and resolutely prevent its disorderly expansion.In terms of “ensuring and improving people’s livelihood, so that the people have a more tangible sense of gain in achieving common prosperity”, it is required to vigorously develop low-income housing, support the commercial housing market to better meet the reasonable housing needs of home buyers, and promote the virtuous cycle and healthy development of the real estate industry through urban policies.January 21, dongguan city department of housing and urban and rural construction bureau issued “dongguan city a total of housing property management method (first draft)” in the aspect of property right proportion, points out that the property right proportion as principle of no less than 50% (specific items of personal property ratio by the municipal housing urban and rural construction department jointly with the municipal bureau of finance audit, can be appropriately increase).Purchase property rights according to the corresponding proportion of the total price, and go through the formalities of pre-sale, contract net signing and real estate right registration according to the ordinary commercial housing transaction process.In terms of the restriction on the transfer period, the Draft points out that the individual share of the jointly owned housing acquired by the purchaser can not be transferred in any form except under special circumstances within a certain period of time (referring to dongguan’s commercial housing restriction policy, which is currently 3 years).Five years after the purchaser obtains the certificate of real estate right, the government designates the receiving unit (agent holding agency) to hold the share of property rights for sale, and the purchaser can obtain full property rights by purchasing the share of government property rights.Sixteen plots of land, covering a total area of 908.56 mu, are expected to be auctioned in Hefei on January 27, according to a notice released by the hefei Land Website on January 24.In terms of location, there were 2 cases in economic development zone, 4 cases in high-tech zone, 1 case in Shushan District, 6 cases in Feixi County and 3 cases in Chaohu Lake.Among them, there are 6 cases related to housing land in Fexi and 2 cases related to housing land in Chaohu, with a total area of 708.57 mu.Chaohu City CH202030 plot for a 37.3 mu of recreation and health land.In addition, gaoxin, Shushan and Jingkai also have 7 non-residential supply, which are GX202201, GX202202, GX202203, GX202204, SS202201, JK202201 and JK202202 of Shushan District.Recently, Chengdu Xindu Housing Association held the urban promotion conference of Xindu District, and xindu District released the list of land resources in 2022, with 39 cases, totaling about 2191.17 mu.Among them, there are 10 cases in xindu central city and other key areas, covering 599.97 mu;There are 22 new consumption areas in North Chengcheng, covering 1,166.45 mu.Xindu modern transportation industry functional area 7, 424.75 mu.A total of 4,366 sales and purchase agreements worth more than $20 million (including primary and second-hand) were recorded in Hong Kong in 2021, up 81.5% and 63.8% respectively from 2,405 and HK $120.330 billion in 2020, according to Centaline Data on Jan 24.The number of cases and value reached a 26-year record high of 4,189 cases and HK $192.67 billion in 2018.In this regard, reflecting the good atmosphere of 2021 property market, wide measures continue to attract a lot of money into the luxury market, coupled with the new hot sale of luxury housing, driving the overall luxury trading.Article source: China