Rebirth tang three: Tang three regrets oneself have no ability, mask male anti Wolf brother, Tang three hands

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Introduction: “Rebirth of Tang SAN” comic interpretation, Tang SAN regrets his ability, mask male anti-wolf brother, Tang SAN hands.”Dou Luo mainland 5 rebirth of Tang SAN” the latest sentence has been updated, this sentence, directly skipped the tang SAN reborn as a baby that several years of experience, directly to tang SAN breakthrough xuantian kung third layer for the beginning of the beginning of the comic story.Of course, the comic also briefly explained the tang three years before the life situation, so that we have a certain understanding of the status quo of tang three and the difficulties he faces as well as the basic situation of the fairy land.Next, let’s take a look.Tang three reborn to the fairy mainland, before the soul nature is no, after all, here is a new world, but also a dangerous world, so tang three urgently need to have self-protection ability and combat ability.So, in the Tang three body meridians after growth, tang three immediately practiced the Xuantian gong.Of course, including xuantian Treasure record in the academic, Tang three also learned again.However, compared with the demon mainland demon and the powerful ability of the spirit, tang three breakthrough joy is also light down.After all, in the goblin land, human fate is not only miserable, but also no special powers.Unlike the douluo world, although the soul beast fierce, but the awakening of the soul can let humans get the ability to fight against the soul beast.Therefore, tang three very sigh with emotion that they have no ability, and said they miss the soul of the past life.But after the rebirth of tang three, everything can only come again, before the prestige is also past clouds.Of course, tang three will not live in bad conditions, not because the goblin is too strong to retreat.Whether in order to survive, or in order to find dance, tang three can go only one way, that is to become stronger.However, the road to become stronger will not be so easy and fast, so Tang three decided to fill the stomach again.So, tang three leisurely leisurely leisurely in the forest to wander up.Unfortunately, tang three this casual stroll met the Wolf to kill mask male human scene.Tang three dont know the situation, nature is hiding to watch two people fighting.I saw the mask man almost exhausted and also injured, but he did not hide, this let tang three very confused, but tang three doubts were soon solved.Mask male is not really the mind is not smart just don’t hide, but want to jedi attack and change, and change the mask male is very easy to kill the third order of the Wolf brother.This can put the Tang three surprised, the original human world is not without ability, but tang three don’t know.However, the masked man changed after the ability to also only a brief outbreak, and then to a Wolf, the masked man has completely no counterattack.Tang three saw, nature is to rescue.And saved the mask male, tang SAN can inquire about the demon spirit of the human continent has what ability, Tang SAN can also begin to learn and better in this world.At the same time, also can let tang three better find small dance.