The city held party history study education summary meeting

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January 25, the city’s party history study education summary meeting held.Entrusted by Liu Haitao, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and leader of the party history study and education leading group, Zhang Chao, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor and deputy leader of the Party history study and education leading group made a summary speech.Chi Jintao, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy leader of the municipal Party history study and education leading group, presided over the meeting, and Li Haidong and Liu Linghao, deputy leaders, attended the meeting.The conference will be held by video conference.The city directly related units mainly responsible for comrades, municipal party history study education leading group office responsible for comrades to attend the meeting.Each township set up a branch meeting.To develop study education conference pointed out that the history of the party, under the correct guidance of Harbin city steering group on the second circuit, seriously fulfill their political responsibility, municipal party committee to carry out the party history study education as a major political task, closely around the “learning history understanding, learning history of credit, learn chong-de shi, dynamics” requirements, adhere to high position plan deployment, high standard, high quality,Remarkable results have been achieved in the study and education of Party history.”I do practical things for the masses” practice activities of 636 practical things to benefit the people all high quality completed;549 administrative items have been “comprehensively accepted by the front desk, classified and approved by the background, and issued by the unified window”, facilitating the efficient handling of services;Four shantytowns covering 150,000 square meters and 128 old residential areas covering 1.07 million square meters were renovated, improving the living conditions of more than 40,000 people.At the same time, fully relying on the resistance, land reform red resources, to carry out shangzhi characteristics of the history of the Party education, received cadres and masses inside and outside the province to visit more than 80,000 people.Through the study and education of party history, the people have a better sense of success, a higher quality of revitalization and development, and a brighter background of red education.The meeting stressed that the study and education of Party history had gained fresh experience, mainly in the following aspects: we must focus on the main theme, follow the fundamental principles, faithfully support the “two establishment”, and resolutely uphold the “two maintenance”.We must give full play to the advantages of red, improve the quality and efficiency of learning, enhance the appeal of learning, and stimulate learning participation;Must highlight the above rate, strengthen demonstration leading, with municipal leaders “key minority” to drive the “vast majority” of grassroots party members cadres;We must put the people first and stand firm with the masses.We will continue to have the final say and work diligently to solve the most immediate and practical problems of the greatest concern to the people.We should continue to uphold and enrich these experiences and practices in our future work.The meeting called for the establishment of a permanent long-term system and mechanism to consolidate and expand the achievements of party history study and education.To learn party history as a required course, often take courses, into the municipal party committee theory learning center group learning, the first topic of the Standing Committee, cadre education and training, school ideological and political class important content.We need to make good use of the sound mechanism of “doing practical things for the people”, start with pressing issues of concern to the people, and work diligently to ensure the implementation of practical matters concerning people’s livelihood in 2022.It is necessary to gather forward momentum from the consolidation of achievements of party history study and education, pay close attention to investment and project construction, continue to promote the high-quality development of Shangzhi, and start a new journey of building Harbin sub-central city in an all-round way.