Yu Aihua presided over a video conference on epidemic prevention and control

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On the morning of March 28, Yu Aihua, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee, presided over a video conference on epidemic prevention.City leaders Luo Yunfeng, Ge Bin, Shan Hu, Liu Weibao attended, each county (urban area), development zone in the sub-conference video report the current problems and work suggestions.On the morning of March 28, Yu Aihua presided over a video conference on COVID-19 prevention.The meeting called for a daily review, analysis and deployment to comprehensively identify problems, plug loopholes, strengthen capacity and seek effective results.First, targeted prevention and control should be implemented.We will continue to strengthen the “six capabilities” : detection, sampling, detection, transit, control and control, and material storage. We will continue to improve the level of scientific and targeted prevention and control through repeated military exercises and combat exercises.Second, prevention and control should be carried out by all.Continue to rely closely on the broad masses of citizens to win the people’s war.As The Qingming Festival is approaching, cadres and staff of party and government organs, enterprises and public institutions at all levels in the city should take the lead in implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and refrain from organizing or participating in gathering activities such as family sacrifice.At the same time, the central and provincial cadres and staff stationed in fertilizer units should not leave fertilizer and return home to offer sacrifices during the epidemic.People should respect the custom of remembering their ancestors, but also strictly abide by the relevant regulations. We hope that people can make an appointment and have a limited number of visits in an orderly manner, while at the same time protecting themselves.Third, we must adhere to prevention and control of warmth.All prevention and control measures should not only focus on precision and intensity, but also on scale and temperature. We should not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach or apply multiple measures to minimize the impact on people’s work and life.Provinces and cities in charge of education to strictly implement the responsibilities of the department, urging colleges and vocational colleges and other campuses to continue to implement closed management at the same time, support and require each school to carry out more colorful cultural and sports activities in the campus, not only to ensure that the school does not relax epidemic prevention, but also to relax teachers and students.Fourth, we must adhere to science-based prevention and control.Hefei will continue to make good use of its advantages in the r&d and production of vaccines and rapid detection reagents, and strive for early use, quick use and multi-use.To accurately assign code, strictly use code, timely decoding, enhance pertinence and timeliness.In particular, we should use more scientific and technological means to promote the implementation of the guarantee responsibility, and strictly control the “five” : road entrance, station exit, hotel entrance, community entrance, sampling window, to ensure that there is no relaxation of one place at a time, no omission of one car and one person.At 8 o ‘clock this evening, hefei basketball park citizens are exercising.A square-shaped nucleic acid testing laboratory, with a maximum capacity of 10,000 tubes per day, was put into operation at the south Square of Hefei Railway Station on March 28.Results can be obtained in 4 to 6 hours for normal tests, and in 2 hours for rapid tests.On March 21, young volunteers in Shushan district, Heyedi street party mass service center vaccination point volunteer service.All media reporter Li Yu photo on March 23, citizens in shushan district in a supermarket to buy huimin dishes, citizens of a stable and orderly life.Workers spread asphalt at the base of the Xiaobanqiao River bridge project on Sishui Road in Hefei, capital of East China’s Hefei province, March 24, 2019.Photo taken by Song Yanjun, media reporter zhang Min In Tulip Heights, people pay attention to personal protection while enjoying the beautiful scenery.Tourists walk along the cherry blossom trail in Binhu National Forest in Binhu, East China’s Shandong Province, March 12, 2019.Photo by Xie Guangwen • End • Source: Hefei Daily
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