A30205 is what material _A30205 after quenching and tempering how much hardness _A30205 heat treatment process

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● Steel performance parameters ● Steel Number/grade/steel grade: A30205● Steel group series: CrMo● Steel name: Hardenability guarantee structural steel ● Implementation standard: GB/T5216-2004● Delivery status: hot rolled delivery● Main production steel mills: Baosteel, Xiangsteel, Huai Steel and so on.●A30205 chemical composition range value: Note: the actual chemical composition is subject to the steel factory warranty.Carbon C: 0.17 ~ 0.23 Si: 0.17 ~ 0.37 Mn: 0.55 ~ 0.90 S: ≤0.035 P P: ≤0.035 Cr: 0.85 ~ 1.25 Mo: 0.15 ~ 0.25 Cu Cu: ≤0.30 Ni: ≤0.30●A30205 application:A widely used structural steel, smelting process is stable, good hardenability, carbonitriding process performance is good, after heat treatment of small deformation, no temper brittleness, processing and manufacturing performance and welding performance are good.Manufacturing medium, small module gear, shaft, etc., can also be used for steam turbine under medium pressure in the superheated steam zone pressure level of the blade.Changzhou Rencheng can solve:Yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, impact energy, implement standard, reduction of area, how much A30205 mechanical properties, density, heat treatment, grain size, microstructure, tempering, quenching hardness as many performance, how many A30205 quenching process, annealing temperature and tempering process, mechanical properties, cracking of heat treatment, heat treatment to make the highest how much, adjustableHow many, how much segregation, highest quality, and the hardness of quenched and tempered doesn’t come, how much heat treatment temperature on hardness, metallographic organization, quenching and tempering hardness is how many, how many, how many, quenching temperature, tempering temperature can impact experiment, annealing process, carburizing treatment, temper brittleness, A30205 chemical composition deviation, can A30205 welding, A30205 what welding electrode, how to solve the problem of decarbonization, low tissue defects, tempering process and other technical problems.The original reference: http://www.josen.net/gangcai/Product/2781964016-1.html