Huoshan County maternal and child health care hospital maternal and child health care center the first distinguished little guest full moon

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On February 14, 2022, the Maternal and Infant Health Care Center of Huoshan County Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital ushered in CAI Baobao’s one-month Party.One month ago, cute Baby CAI came to this world and set foot on her own journey of life, witnessed by her parents and obstetrical staff of maternal and Child Health Care Hospital.As the first ceremony of baby’s life, we carefully prepared a full moon themed background wall, balloons and cake for baby.CAI Baobao is the first distinguished guest who has officially checked in to our Maternal and Infant Health Care Center since its opening on January 15, 2022.The journey of new life, half joy, half panic.In just 28 days, we accompanied Bao Mother through the abdominal wound recovery period and milk expansion period, encouraged mother to adhere to scientific diet and appropriate exercise, Chinese medicine bath and shampoo physiotherapy at different puerperal stages to promote postpartum rehabilitation, and tailored puerperal rehabilitation plan for her, successfully through the one-month postpartum recovery period.We witnessed the baby growing up, the daily changes on the scale, the cute little facial expressions of the baby during the newborn bath, the verbal and eye contact between the baby and our staff during the newborn’s touching.Bao Ma is very grateful to all the medical staff who come to the Maternal and Child Health care Center for their silent protection and care.She was very satisfied with the quality of medical care provided by all the medical staff throughout the pregnancy, from the prenatal examination to the delivery.During the period of confinement, the care and thoughtful service of the staff of the confinement center is to let her praise.She was deeply impressed by the comfortable recuperation environment, reasonable nutritious diet, tailored health care and traditional Chinese medicine therapy, and the careful care and care of the staff for her and Xiao Bao. She truly felt the warmth and comfort of home.When the baby is crying or awake, sister-in-law aunt will take the baby to our baby care room to do exercises, play with toys, and the baby language and body interaction, through these training interaction, the baby slowly become quiet and peaceful, promote sleep, but also meet the baby’s need to be loved.Bao’s mother said with emotion that the time in the maternity center was really comfortable and happy, without the worries of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and without the worry of diapers and bottles, it was relaxed and comfortable. I would like to stay for another month!Bao Ma said that she would put the maternal and child health care hospital’s quality services more publicity recommended to the side of good friends, so that more pregnant mothers know Huoshan County maternal and child health care hospital and choose in maternal and child health care hospital maternity inspection, childbirth and confinement.Finally, bao Ma’s family also sent a banner to express their recognition and heartfelt gratitude to our work.On February 14th, this day full of love, warmth and romance, thanks to Bao Ma’s choice, we have the opportunity to witness the initial growth.Thank you for this encounter, I wish the angel baby healthy growth, peace and health in the future!Wish the happy family hehemeimei forever, forever living in the sweet home of love!May every mother be treated gently not only for 28 days, but every day in the future…Source: Maternal and child Health Hospital of Huoshan County