Torchbearers accompany runners, some people carry a small backpack!What for?Reveal the

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Torchbearers pose during the Beijing Winter Olympic Torch relay in Badaling, Yanqing, Capital of China, Feb. 3, 2008.Out of the picture, there is a silent guard of the torch relay post – “runner.”In yesterday’s torch relay, four firefighters from yanqing District fire rescue detachment assumed this glorious duty.”The Winter Olympic Games are a sporting event symbolizing friendship and peace. I feel very sacred and honored to be a torch runner.”Liu Dingge is yanqing District fire rescue detachment of the South Garden fire rescue station of a firefighter, he and three other firefighters are responsible for carrying fire backpack, follow the torchbearer to accompany the whole run care, in case of emergencies, the first time fast and effective disposal, for the safety of the torch relay escort.”Although the distance of yesterday’s torch relay was only 1.47 km, AS a member of the national integrated fire and rescue team, I felt extremely proud and heavy responsibility.”Liu Dingge said that he would use practical actions to interpret the excellent quality of a Yanqing firefighter “doing a line, love a line, fine line”, with practical actions to protect the Beijing Winter Olympics, Winter Paralympics fire security every inch of land, inheritance of “flame blue” the most simple spirit of work.Source: Beijing daily client | journalists Ms. Cheung process editor: TF021 copyright statement: text copyright owned by Beijing news group, without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.