Unidentified flying object in Area 51!American sixth generation aircraft exposed?J-20 deputy Commander: we don’t rest on our laurels

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Recently, according to the website “Warzone”, a military fan in the US got the latest satellite pictures of the US Air Force’s Groom A.F.B (also known as Area 51).In this satellite image, a milky white hangar of unknown use, which has been around since 2014, is finally showing signs of movement at the lower left of the airbase.In front of the hangar, at the turn of the main taxiway to the left of the base, an odd-looking tailless aircraft appeared shrouded in what appeared to be a gray coat of paint under a special transparent hangar.Military aficionados in the US have speculated that this particular tailless aircraft could be a technology demonstrator for the NGAD, the so-called “next generation air Master” fighter that the US Air Force is said to have completed its maiden flight in 2020.So, how should we know about this strange “sixth generation fighter”?Big Ivan thinks we should take a look at some of the details reflected in the photos of the plane after it was taken:Based on the location, Muff Lake is run by the AIR Force’s top-secret flying Task Force, which has been testing all sorts of wacky things since the Cold War, including the famous Haveran, a technical demonstrator for the F-117A fighter.Therefore, the mysterious aircraft that appeared on the runway of Muff Lake Air Force Base must not be the active aircraft of the United States Air Force as we usually know it. It must be something that has not been revealed, or at least not been manufactured and equipped.From the shape and size of the mysterious aircraft, the tailless aircraft appears to have a sharp head, with large strips on each side of the wings extending from the head of the fuselage to the main wing, giving the appearance of a very smooth line:The wings appear to use a twin delta aerodynamic layout similar to that of the F-16XL technology validation aircraft, but the wingtips appear to have a rounded transition tailored for supersonic flight.The engine spouts were not visible at the rear of the fuselage, nor was the cockpit visible above the fuselage, except that the aircraft had no flat tail and seemed to have no vertical tail;The size of the plane, measured by fans in the US, suggested it was bigger than the Su-27, with a 65-foot fuselage and a 50-foot wingspan.The wingspan of the taxiway at Muff Lake air Force Base, however, seemed to fall short of 60 percent of the taxiway’s width, which was only 25 meters (82 feet).So The Elder Ivan thinks the aircraft could be about 12 meters wide and 17 meters long, slightly smaller than the American military fan estimates.Of course, I believe that the biggest concern of military fans in China is whether this mysterious tailless aircraft is really the NGAD, the “new master of the air” currently being tested by the U.S. Air Force. Big Ivan believes that we should also consider two limiting factors:The first factor, not to be ruled out, is the size of the mysterious aircraft, which was measured with some deviation.Satellite photos show that the transparent, collapsible hangar shrouding the mysterious plane appears to have a refraction effect that could distort satellite measurements of the plane’s shape and dimensions and thus interfere with our understanding of the aircraft’s true condition.Second, judging from the nature of Mafu Lake Air Base, it should have a perfect set of anti-satellite measures, including satellite over-top prediction, the main test facilities and test models are all installed indoors, and the main test subjects are carried out at night.The satellite image shows a very small area of shadow on the ground, suggesting that the aircraft was captured in the late afternoon, and that it appears to be an aircraft shrouded in a shed, standing alone outside the hangar with no people or tractors around.We say everything has a motive, and it’s hard to see what the U.S. Air Force is trying to do when a top-secret aircraft is left out in the open with a hangar, no support equipment, not even a guard.When it comes to flight readiness, can’t the hangar at the back be ready and have to pull the aircraft onto the taxiway?Talk about flight support, there is no support equipment around, how to carry out flight support?It’s not like everyone went to dinner and forgot about the plane, is it?Ivan believes that as a result, big don’t rule out the us air force to pull this mysterious no tail machine on the taxiway, is deliberately tried to see over the top of the commercial satellite reconnaissance, as to deliberately show reconnaissance satellites, exactly because the plane “too advanced, literally show” or “not enough advanced, can show”, that is a different opinions.In sprinting to six generation machine but in the United States, we can sure, from the U.S. air force in active service, and are currently testing once flight test aircraft, without any kind of aircraft, and is more similar, this mysterious no tail machine only a kind of like that first flew on July 3, 1982 F – 16 of xl technology demonstration machine.Like this aircraft, the F-16XL uses a large twin delta wing, but retains the wingtip pylon of the F-16A/B, and the F-16XL’s maximum flight speed performance is still poor at 2 times the speed of sound, not to mention the fact that the F-16XL is 40 years old.There’s no way the US Air Force is going to be able to test it again.At the same time, the tailless delta-wing aircraft does appear to embody some of the NGAD’s previously disclosed technical features, such as the use of a large twin delta-wing design that could theoretically be used at full speed;For example, tailless and, in particular, tailless designs are used. The aircraft’s vertical tail is a fairly obvious angular reflector in radar reflection, so the USAF believes that the next-generation NGAD must be tailless and tailless in order to achieve full-band stealth.The 2001 PROTOTYPE of the J-20, not to mention the mysterious taillless delta-wing aircraft, also fits into the NGAD development node of the US Air Force: after all, the US Air Force had already started the concept research of the “next generation fighter” after the Chinese Air Force tested the 718 technology demonstrator of the J-20 in 2011.In 2015, the project moved into pre-study status, first known as the Space Innovation Initiative (AII) project, and later renamed the Next Generation Of Air Masters (NGAD) project.In 2018, the Secretary of the Air Force described the NGAD as a possible next-generation “Hundred fighter,” which is poised to make its first flight in 2020, while in 2021, fans photographed an odd-looking aircraft at a test site near Edwards Air Force Base.All this suggests that NGAD’s technology verification machine has indeed arrived, just when.Previously mysterious fighter in California near the skunk works photographed so overall, big Ivan believed that this time appear in the groom lake base on the taxiway, this mysterious machine has larger probability, at least, is a technology demonstration project NGAD machine, of course could not only a technical test machine, but at least is one of the validation protocols.The current development schedule and technology status is roughly comparable to that of lockheed Martin’s YF-22 and YF-23 in the U.S. Air Force’s ATF program in the late 1980s and early 1990s.Considering that several projects of the US Air Force in recent years, such as ARRW and LRSO, have adopted the research and development strategy of “multi-round bidding and iterative development”. In the first round, several companies are selected to put forward the concept scheme; in the second round, one company is eliminated and other companies carry out the detailed design; in the third round, one or two companies are selected to manufacture the verification machine.The U.S. Air Force’s NGAD program is in its third round of validation, not to be ruled out.The mysterious aircraft photographed on the taxiway of Mafu Lake base is likely to be a technical verification aircraft manufactured by a company during the verification phase of the real aircraft. For some reason, it was spotted by satellite.Of course, the yF-23 went from the technology demonstrator to the prototype development stage, which is similar to the yF-22 to THE F-22, or the 718 demonstrator to the J-20 2011:The ATF program took five years to test the YF-22 and another six years to go from THE YF-22 to the F-22;The 718 is relatively short, taking more than three years from the first flight of 2001 to 2011.Consider the recent U.S. Air Force contract to equip the F-35A with variable cycle engines in 2028;All things considered, the USAF claims that the NGAD program will be ready for deployment around 2030, which is a relatively normal point.Museum of X – 35 U.S. air force of a new generation of fighter nodes have on the equipment node is basically made clear, that the rest of the question, what is our time to equip a new generation of fighter planes in the air, in fact, as early as in the second half of last year, the Internet also circulated a moment mysterious aircraft parked in an airport photos, appearance can’t speak and NGAD identical,But there is also considerable convergence between the two designs.Gong Feng, deputy chief designer of J-20:We will not lie on the annihilates – 20 glide this means that the Chinese aviation industry researchers also moment constantly didn’t stop progress, the glorious annihilates – 20 aircraft has become the past, in front of a new generation of air superiority fighter planes in the United States, China aviation industry will have to overcome, such as the full spectrum stealth, a new generation of aircraft engine,The new generation of aviation materials and avionics system difficulties, try to achieve and the US Air Force’s new generation of fighter jets to keep abreast of, or even complete the equipment, to re-create the balance of equipment between the two air forces.We believe that day will come soon.