Dying Light 2 weapon system introduction weapon changes share

2022-06-22 0 By

Today we have introduced the dying Light 2 weapon system and shared the changes of the dying Light 2 weapon. Many people are old players of extinction 1, naturally concerned about the differences between this generation of weapons and the previous generation, so we have brought this guide, let’s have a look.The time period of this story is 15 years after the global outbreak of doomsday disaster, including harlan city is 20 years, valuable items have been plundered almost all, there is no shop to buy new weapons, people have to pick up garbage, collect materials to make equipment.Official for this setting, in the modern era of darkness as the core design concept, have no laws in this age, starting from scratch conceived a dozen weapon categories, currently has more than two hundred kinds of weapons, these weapons production inspiration from agricultural supplies, field supplies, as well as military store after the on-the-spot investigation, even garbage to turn,The materials used to make these weapons are all obtained from daily life. Simply put, they are looted weapons, which can be seen at a glance as being pieced together from materials on the street.The second generation inherited the first generation of the accessory mechanism, the assembly can increase damage and durability, including enchant, fire, electric, frozen enchantment effects are also retained.As you can see, the tiger in the game is made from various handles, sharp objects, and even chains.You can see motorcycle handlebars on the flamethrower.In addition, there are no modern guns in Dying Light ii (other than a player-made shotgun).The above is a brief introduction of the Dying Light ii weapon system and the changes shared in the dying Light II weapon system. It can be seen that the weapon in this game is more primitive than the previous game, and more emphasis on the survival experience of the dark age.