Is qilu science and technology professional university undergraduate course

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Is.Dezhou Technology Vocational College is Qilu Technology Vocational University.The project is located in Dezhou Canal New City vocational education Industrial Park, constructed by Dezhou Haichuan Education Investment Co., LTD.The project covers an area of about 1260 mu, with a total floor area of about 450,000 square meters, and can accommodate 15,000 students.Construction of teaching buildings, supporting the construction of training center, technical exchange center, student dormitories, restaurants and other facilities, and the construction of residential roads, electricity, pipe network, etc.Ii. On July 3, 2020, Dezhou Municipal People’s Government issued the Implementation Plan on Promoting the Construction of Vocational Education Innovation and Development Experimental Area to Build a Highland of Vocational Education Innovation and Development (De Zhengfa (2020) No. 5), proposing to support Dezhou Vocational College of Science and Technology to establish Qilu Vocational University of Science and Technology.Three., which is based on vocational and technical college of Texas, integration of advanced normal school, north central Texas, Texas professional education, graduate student at the university of Texas campus resources of public training center, take “two schools a center” mode, establish vocational technology normal university, in accordance with the “undergraduate course and technicians (prepare)” the cultivation pattern of “type craftsman teacher”,We will build a teacher training system for vocational education integrating famous teachers and masters.