Taishan team finalized 3 new aid: 1 foreign aid 2 domestic aid, Yi Yucenke fame!Six people were released in the purge

2022-06-22 0 By

Beijing time on February 20th, a name as “taishan” milan sports since the media announced the Chinese super league clubs shandong hristo basically settled a league four words of foreign aid from its neighboring countries, combining with the fact of reporters miao before the original, the almost ten percent only hristo officer xuan’s foreign aid is all modern league 10, especially CenKe,Iyutsenko, who left 19 goals and 5 assists in the K-League last season, is a real high striker with speed, foot skills and the ability to score with headers. His arrival in Taishan will definitely change the team’s previous attacking style of positional warfare.When joining hristo especially CenKe only officer xuan, is understood to be followed, especially joining hristo CenKe to Iraq especially CenKe do partner of the player is WeiShiHao in front, from the point of the current situation, should be together and especially CenKe WeiShiHao by hristo officer xuan to join the team, the especially CenKe the rumored to join hristo last season high center,He made taishan fans wait for a season finally came to Taishan team, it is rumored that Yutsenko can join Taishan Team, was sent to the K League Leonardo also played a role of leverage.From hristo recent signings, Iraq especially CenKe, WeiShiHao and joining hristo Liao Lisheng no suspense, hristo someone to someone will, in the mount tai determine leave in the first team player has reached 6 people, estimates that in the future there will be players by hristo give up, the six players were later surveys, Dai Lin, Chen Zhechao, into the source, leonardo dicaprio and darfur,A few in taishan team does not play on the competition age gradually become big of the Middle Age players also arrived when leaving Taishan team, Huang Cong, Tian Xin, Li Hailong, Hao Haiyi and other these players estimate that the contract expires also very hard to stay in taishan first team, after they leave like Chen Zeshi, He Xiaoke these players grew up.