More than 50,000 cultural relics have been accidentally discovered during the restoration of the Old Summer Palace, which was destroyed for more than 150 years

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“Yuan Ming robbed Kunming twice, and he never returned home the year before.A song Hujia blowing endless, residual ash still night smoke fly “.Li Dazhao bemoaned the destruction of the ancient imperial Garden, the Glory of the Old Summer Palace will always exist in the world.Compared with European art, eastern art is naturally immeasurable in many respects because of its different origins.Greek temple is the combination of golden ratio, is the model of art, the Old Summer Palace is also a representative of Oriental art, the royal splendor is shining.We are trying to restore every corner of the ruined Old Summer Palace. The flowers and trees and every piece of rubble have the shadow and feeling of the empress Dowager Cixi. The fate of the Qing Dynasty is closely linked to the fate of the Old Summer Palace, and they are also the foundation of Chinese culture.In recent years, many scholars’ investigations and restoration work on the ruins of the Old Summer Palace have continued, and new discoveries have been made continuously.A century and a half has passed since the Old Summer Palace was destroyed, and experts have made a lot of discoveries.Among the ruins of the Old Summer Palace, more than 50,000 cultural relics were discovered underground during a key archaeological excavation.The Old Summer Palace was originally built for the imperial summer. Construction began during the Kangxi Period and cost a lot of manpower and material resources.Covering an area of more than 5,000 mu, the Old Summer Palace park has rich and diverse scenery, rich and magnificent architectural complex, and is very beautiful, integrating many western architectural techniques, which can be called the model of the combination of Chinese and Western, and is also the peak level of Chinese architectural art.The Old Summer Palace well embodies the royal temperament and style, and its geographical location fully embodies the thoughts of Taoism and Yin-yang, etc., with unique location.To the west of the garden are rolling hills.Mainly wanshou Mountain, Yuquan Mountain, etc., the water below the mountain is mainly some tributaries, depending on the mountain and the water and the royal dragon gas, is a geomantic treasure land.Qing dynasty ancestors were captured on horseback. Although they had entered the pass for many years, they still could not adapt well to the climate inside the pass.Especially in summer, summer heat is unbearable, summer is the top priority of the palace, one of the purposes of the construction of the Old Summer Palace, is also for summer.Its chief designer was lei Jinyu, a famous architect of the Qing Dynasty, who was also a missionary from the West.Emperors like Kangxi and Yongzheng attached great importance to the renovation of the Old Summer Palace, hoping to add elements they liked.On this basis, this magnificent building was created.Stone Pillars of the Old Summer Palace The architectural art of the Old Summer Palace is exquisite, including the tree-lined paths and pebbles in the gardens, as well as its walls, stone carvings and bronze statues, which are the combination of Oriental and Western artistic features.Compared with famous gardens in the south of the Yangtze River, such as Humble Administrator’s Garden and Suzhou Gardens, The Old Summer Palace also absorbed and integrated the architectural characteristics of the south, and transplanted some of the characteristics of western palaces.In the park, there are majestic palaces, small pavilions, the autumn moon of west Lake, and gorgeous spring scenery.Of course, there is the opera garden lafayette loves most. The stage of the Old Summer Palace is special. Opera listening is one of the main entertainment activities of the royal family.In order to feel the sound quality and pleasant psychological experience when listening to the opera, most of the stage in the Old Summer Palace has a patio, so that the sound of the opera comes through the water, and then through the focus of the patio, the sound quality is very good.The collection of books in Yuanmingyuan is also rare in the world. The imperial collection of books is very large and comprehensive, and it is a rich cultural base.During the Second Opium War, western powers once again felt the cowardice and corruption of the incompetent Qing government, and they bullied us even more.It was 1856, and the British and French allied forces did everything they could, burning, killing and looting. They finally set their greedy eyes on the Old Summer Palace.When the British and French allied forces entered the Old Summer Palace, they began a robbery spree.The pockets of the British and French allied forces were heavy that night, but they were not enough.Many French armies looted countless amounts of treasure, almost all of it art treasures of incalculable value. They were the only ones that existed and could not be reproduced.Its cultural value is immeasurable as well as its commercial value.A British soldier named Hollis specially hired more than 10 workers to carry the treasure he had robbed back to the camp.Armed with huge axes, the soldiers would smash all the furniture with precious stones with one blow of the axe. After removing the stones, they would run away, damaging pieces of precious art.This is more than 100 years of painstaking efforts, cultural treasures inside the blood of Chinese culture.Treasures were plundered, or sticks were used to destroy everything that could not be carried away, and the Old Summer Palace was reduced to ashes in this war.Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, many experts have begun to restore the cultural relics of the Old Summer Palace.The old Summer Palace was destroyed in 1996, the 150th anniversary of the destruction of the Old Summer Palace, experts used many advanced techniques to explore the ruins again.In particular, the third excavation between 2013 and 2020 was the largest and most extensive, and experts also made significant discoveries there.Experts found more than 50,000 cultural relics under the ruins of the Old Summer Palace, and their initial speculation is that they may have been accidentally lost in the process of transporting treasures by British and French allied forces.The unearthed cultural relics are exquisite, and some are still well preserved.The gilt elephant head in the animal head of 12 Chinese zodiac is very precious among them. The gilt elephant head in the animal head of 12 Chinese zodiac is of great value and precious, and the production technology is also very exquisite. This is also the 150th anniversary of the destruction of the Old Summer Palace, an important consolation for archaeological work.The conclusion of Li Hu’s Visit to the Yuanming Ruins is: “Peerless luxurious and famous gardens, instantly turned into ashes and gravel, etc.”.Hugo once said: “Even if we add up all the treasures of Notre Dame de Paris, the value of the treasures inside cannot be comparable to the value of the cultural relics of the Museum of Oriental art, I believe this is true”.This is the memory of history, but also the lesson of history, today’s Old Summer Palace in the ashes of history, only the ruins of the wall, we as Chinese people to its missing and repair, never stop.Standing in the autumn wind of history, we should meditate, remember the history and remember the lessons we were beaten, so that we can continue to learn from experience and move forward.The artistic characteristics and architectural style of the Old Summer Palace are also worthy of careful study. With the continuous advancement of archaeological work, we believe that more artistic treasures will be brought to us in the future.