New product first look!Forward development, true 6-way large space, remote Star enjoy V will be launched on February 28

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In 2021, the “double carbon” target accelerated landing, new energy logistics vehicles broke out a strong “growth force”.Especially in the urban distribution logistics market, affected by the new blue card regulations, with large space, strong load, high comfort and more right of way of new energy light passenger, ushered in the development of good news.Historical experience shows that market prediction, forward-looking layout, easier to seize the initiative.On February 28th, long Distance Vehicle, which focuses on new energy commercial vehicles, will release new long distance star ENJOY V series products — long distance star enjoy V5E and long distance star enjoy V6E, which will add a sharp tool for urban green transportation and distribution.According to the statistics of relevant institutions, in the past few years, the annual sales volume of the domestic light passenger market has remained at about 300,000 units. The proportion of new energy light passenger is not large, and the sales volume of various brands is relatively balanced.Now, under the guidance of both market and policy, new energy light passenger has gradually entered the development opportunity period.Where do companies and brands go from here?Should we adapt to the new round of competition with the traditional “oil to electricity” car-building thinking, or break the underlying logic to explore more possibilities?As the “head” enterprise in the field of new energy commercial vehicles, long-distance vehicle with a new light passenger star enjoy gives the answer.It is understood that the upcoming launch of remote Star V represents the upgrade of remote VAN technology from 1.0 generation to 2.0 generation, and is an important milestone in the self-built transformation of pure electric VAN body technology.It is worth mentioning that the star V adopts the forward development of a new lightweight cage body, which can not only provide users with a real 6-side space, but also provide a more flexible and efficient options for the city’s “supplier – warehouse – distribution center – store (terminal point)” transportation diversification demand.In addition, compared with reverse development, which is more used in China, forward development is a process from scratch, which needs to go through a series of preparations such as project approval, research and design.At the same time, because positive development requires more investment in capital, time and other aspects, as well as strong reserves in technology, there are not many enterprises and brands with positive development strength in the field of new energy light passenger.This time, remote Star V adopts forward development in the car body, successfully completing a technological exploration and innovation, but also provides a model worth emulating for the industry.True 6 party can install green city with strength to play due to the early full market research, as well as the analysis of policies and regulations, competitive models, forward development of the remote star enjoy V with true 6 party space, there is enough attraction to users.This release of remote star ENJOY V, will include star enjoy V5E, star enjoy V6E two models.Among them, star enjoy V5E length, width and height of 4540mm× 1730mm× 1985mm, star enjoy V6E for 4845mm× 1730mm× 1985mm, vehicle size is better than the same level, whether for the driver or daily load, provide more available space.First of all, the remote star enjoy main and passenger channel adopts barrier-free design, the head space is large, the bottom plate is 650mm high from the ground, and the driver and passenger can easily enter and exit.The main driving seat adopts ergonomic design, the width of the seat cushion reaches 500mm, which is the widest among similar products. The seat wings have strong wrapping sense, which can effectively reduce the feeling of driving fatigue and improve comfort.At the same time, in the storage aspect, remote star enjoy the design of up to 13 storage space, especially the upper part of the instrument platform innovatively adopts the regional storage design, can be placed catering, mobile phones, card clips, cigarettes and so on, so that the items placed in order.As a production tool, the ability to install DORA is a key attribute of the Remote Star Enjoy V.The reporter learned that the size of the cargo compartment of the remote star to do the widest similar products 1600mm, at the same time the body matching new lightweight cage structure, the protection of external impact greatly enhanced, the floor is made of high strength steel, bearing up to 1.5T, the load of super competitive products 100 jins.In addition, in order to further improve the efficiency of transportation, remote star enjoy in the door design to spend the mind, effectively enhance the convenience of loading and unloading.To be specific, the right side of the new car cargo compartment is designed with a sliding door, which can be achieved in a small lateral space to pick up items;The tail door is opened on both sides in proportion of four and six, which is convenient for loading and unloading with forklift truck on the cargo platform, covering the handling of goods in various distribution scenarios. Large pieces can be easily loaded and unloaded, and when loading and unloading small volume goods, only one side door can be opened.In addition, remote star enjoy V has many breakthroughs in appearance and interior design;In control, due to the application of a series of intelligent technology configuration, it will bring more excellent driving experience to the driver.As a remote car in new energy an important move later commercial vehicle map, remote stars enjoy V for city distribution logistics users not only provides a wide variety of choices, at the same time, it also means the birth of remote car will complete star he, star, star, star brand matrix construction, triggered by the new energy industry have the competitiveness of the systematic change.It is reported that a new generation of light – remote star enjoy, will be officially listed on February 28, please look forward to!