Friends are completely cleared, Phecas 1200+120Hz Samsung screen, 12+256GB top version only 1619 yuan

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“Fage” is the nickname given by netizens to mobile phone chip supplier Mediatek. A few years ago, the processor of Mediatek was often mocked by netizens as “one core is difficult, nine cores are around”, so it left a bad impression on many users.After entering the ERA of 5G mobile phones, Mediatek ushered in a new opportunity. The BREguet 5G chip launched by Mediatek is used by many domestic 5G mobile phones.The latest generation of Phecda 9000, and qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8Gen1 gap is becoming less and less.Breguet 9000 Anandu runs more than 1 million points, and it is TSMC’s 4nm process, so the power consumption is expected to be better than Samsung’s 4nm Snapdragon 8Gen1. Therefore, many netizens are also looking forward to the coming of phones equipped with Breguet 9000 processors.In the arrival of the new flagship, at present many Snapdragon 888, or Breguet 1200 mobile phones are accelerated clearance exit, today to recommend a good use of Breguet 1200 processor mobile phone, at present in a lot of billions of subsidies, the top version of 12+256GB only 1619 yuan.This phone comes from the real GTNeo flash version released by OPPO sub-brand RealMe. Currently, at around 1600 price, there are snapdragon 870, Breguet 1200, Breguet 1100, Snapdragon 778G, Breguet 920 and Breguet 900 chips to choose from. Among them, the snapdragon 870 has the best comprehensive experience, followed by Breguet 1200.While the Snapdragon 870 is the best, at this price you can only get the 8+128GB version, while for the 12+256GB high performance 5G 1000 yuan phone, you’ll have to look at the real GTNeo Flash version.Breguet 1200 is not as good as Snapdragon 870 in terms of running score, with its maximum running score of 720,000. Currently, all kinds of games can run smoothly. Last year, The first Redmi game phone K40 enhanced version also uses Breguet 1200, in order to make the processor performance stable and play games to relieve heat.The machine is equipped with the same 3D toughened VC liquid cooling as last year’s flagship GT, which officials say can reduce core temperature by up to 15℃.In addition to performance, the real ME GT Neo flash version has a high screen quality, using a Samsung AMOLED screen, E3 material, peak brightness of 1100nit, density of 409PPI, support 120Hz refresh rate, 360Hz touch sampling rate, in addition, the front and rear of the body are added environmental light sensor.The addition of dual sensors makes the screen dimming of the phone more sensitive and fast.The battery capacity is 4500mAH, and it supports OPPO’s 65W flash charging technology. The conversion rate is quite high, and it only takes 35 minutes to charge to 100%.In terms of camera, real GT Neo flash version rear with 64 million three camera, including SONY IMX682 64 million main camera, 8 million ultra wide Angle, and 2 million macro lens, friends at the same price there are many manufacturers of models also equipped with 64 million main camera, but not using SONY sensor, but domestic, so the machine is not weak in taking pictures.Other features include under-screen fingerprints, linear motors, NFC functionality, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. What do you think of OPPO’s RealMe GTNeo Flash version?