Manzhouli detained one person, Hohhot new travel requirements

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The number of confirmed cases in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia has increased by 4 from 11 am On February 16 to 11 am on February 17, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 7, and 10 people who tested positive for nucleic acid.Most of the confirmed cases were detected through screening among those who had managed close contacts or sub-close contacts.At present, all confirmed cases are being treated in isolation in the Fourth Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. After expert consultation, one case is an ordinary type and six cases are mild and their condition is stable.On February 16, the COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters of Manzhouli City, Inner Mongolia, issued notice No. 143, informing of a case of violation of COVID-19 prevention and control regulations:On February 15, Gu did not participate in manzhouli’s large-scale nucleic acid test as required, which brought risks to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Manzhouli and had a negative impact on the society.According to the provisions of Article 50, Paragraph 1 (1) of The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Punishments for Public Security Administration, the Public security organ of Manzhouli city gave Gu 5 days of administrative detention for refusing to implement the decisions and orders issued by the people’s government under the state of emergency.Nucleic acid testing for all is a key measure to implement “early detection, early isolation, early reporting and early treatment”. All citizens have the legal obligation to undergo nucleic acid testing.Those who refuse to cooperate with nucleic acid testing and cause the spread of the epidemic or the risk of the spread of the epidemic will be severely punished by Manzhouli City in accordance with laws and regulations.The general public should actively support and cooperate with nucleic acid testing, actively supervise violations of epidemic prevention and control regulations, take practical actions to integrate into the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control in the city, and jointly build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control.Hotline: 6262322.Starting from February 16, passengers traveling from Hohhot, Hohhot East, Toketo East and Chasoqi stations are required to hold negative nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours, according to the COVID-19 prevention and control requirements of Hohhot.According to the railway’s free refund policy, passengers who bought train tickets at the above four stations before 24 o ‘clock on February 16 through the station ticket window, railway 12306 website and other channels will not be charged for refund.Hohhot airport departure the white must hold within 48 hours of negative proof on February 16, nucleic acid detection, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia international airport to release the white important, to fight the disease spread risks, according to the Hohhot to will be coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work headquarters announcement no. 8 (2022) requirements, this day,All departing passengers must hold negative nucleic acid test proof within 48 hours. Hohhot Baita International Airport will handle boarding procedures and provide security inspection services accordingly.Grand View News Dalian news media 1702 original content public number this article wechat by grand View news editor production source: Grand View news comprehensive collation from the Central radio network, CCTV news editor: Xu Lin art editor: Qiu Ju collation: Wang Tao responsibility: Qiu Ju