Spring Festival Organizers pull rural road safety ‘lifeline’

2022-06-24 0 By

Xinping County is located at the eastern foot of ailao Mountain, with a vast area, scattered villages and long highway mileage. There are 10 towns, 2 streets and 124 villages (communities) in the county, covering an area of 4226 square kilometers, of which mountainous areas account for 98%. The highway mileage of the county is about 5712.7 kilometers, and rural roads are about 4784.2 kilometers, accounting for 83.75%.In rural areas, high mountains, deep turnips, many bends, steep slopes, narrow roads and water and cliff hidden dangers are prominent, some road signs and lines, security facilities are not perfect, it is difficult to control, leading to part of the rural road traffic safety factor is low, for the occurrence of traffic accidents buried big hidden dangers.For from the source to prevent and reduce the rural road traffic accidents, in view of the vast rural areas with the road traffic conditions, in highway safety “life protection project” short time can not be implemented, highway hazards “five small” engineering management under the premise of short-term cannot cover, XinPing County fully give play to the role of road traffic safety committee office platform,Timely sets out the rural road traffic “renovation” work plan, coordinate and village (town), office/Ann do, in the work under the condition of extreme stress, effective integration of human, material and financial resources, traffic police, police station, traffic police, highway maintenance, rural persuasion member, such as personnel, combining with the jurisdiction hidden danger section of the actual local conditions,Emergency measures such as sand and stone block, tree stump isolation block, ribbon warning block and so on were taken to carry out simple safety protection for rural hidden danger sections.Until now, the county’s 12 towns (streets), a total of sand and stone block 1, tree stump isolation “blocked”, ribbon warning “blocked” a total of 21, set up a simple warning pile more than 120 roots, pull ribbon more than 3200 meters, road mileage more than 30 kilometers.Small flags floating in the wind, erected in the roadside stumps, connected into a piece of obvious warning effect, become the lifeline to protect rural road safety, by the majority of villagers and drivers of the same praise, but also become the masses of safe travel traffic safety small guards.