The Baidu Open Innovation Center joint energy empowerment Program was launched to help pudong upgrade its industries in an intelligent way

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On February 24th, the Summit of new Pattern of Integrated development of Power industry of Pudong New Area Big Enterprise Open Innovation Center was held in Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island Flying Paddle Artificial intelligence Industry Power Center.The summit, fly blade industry can assign center of artificial intelligence, minimally invasive medical miracle incubator, PWC zhangjiang science city X X city to accelerate the camp lujiazui, Shanghai higher institute of zhejiang university, the national center for innovation of integrated circuits, sequoia digital intelligent industry incubation center, large cruise innovation center, BI – ATLATL eight lead the joint innovation laboratory,To carry out joint enabling, jointly promote the ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and strengthen the innovation engine, we need to play a significant role in stimulating innovation, breaking down barriers, reducing costs, expanding markets, and solving the integrated development of large and medium-sized enterprises.It is understood that the launch of the “Baidu Flying oar large enterprises open innovation Center joint enabling plan”, Baidu flying oar will lead to play the resource advantages of large enterprises, collaborative enabling large and medium-sized enterprises to integrate innovation, innovation chain to drive the industrial chain, accelerate the construction of world-class artificial intelligence industrial cluster.Under the guidance of GOI program in Pudong New Area, this plan is also an exploration of cooperation mode for large enterprises’ open innovation center and enabling partners to share and create together.”Since its establishment, Feioar has been focusing on open source and accelerating technological innovation and optimization of functional experience through open source.We have a series of co-creation programs, including the flying paddle platform as the base, community developers to co-create tools, models, industry cases and practical experience;To form a docking platform for industrial innovation demand and create a positive cycle of industry-university-research-use;Build an artificial intelligence industry empowerment center with ecological partners to create a regional innovation ecology.”Baidu ecological Ma Yanjun said, general manager of AI technology, fly oar artificial intelligence industry fu can center focus on artificial intelligence technology requirements and application of the key industries in Shanghai, integrating technical service and ecological resources, baidu fly oar AI by zheng production synergy innovation, supporting Shanghai companies as low threshold, high efficiency application of AI technology, AI resources, realize intelligent upgrade industries.Public information, by the end of 2021, fly OARS as China’s first independent research and development, feature-rich, open source industry level depth of open learning platform, has brought together more than 406 developers, creating 476000 AI model, service 15.7 enterprises and institutions, covering industry, agriculture, medical treatment, urban management, transportation, finance, and many other fields.Summit on the scene, small zero network technology co., LTD., Shanghai is burke way technology co., LTD., Shanghai forte and intelligent technology co., LTD. Has been certified as “fly blade optimization technology partner”, big companies open innovation center and fu can share the partner on behalf of fu can experience, for small and medium enterprises to explore in industry demand for traction, hand in hand to promote the development of intelligent industry new path.Standing at the commanding heights of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, Pudong is making every effort to build an innovation engine and play an important role in leading the country’s independent innovation.Since its establishment, Baidu has always focused on independent innovation and committed itself to the research and development of underlying technologies. It will make every effort to promote the deep integration of Pudong’s new generation of ARTIFICIAL intelligence technology with the real economy, and realize the industrial transformation and upgrading based on artificial intelligence.The summit, the Shanghai science and technology commission, deputy director of the deputy district chief Wu Qiang Lu Min, pudong new area, pudong new area of economic committee of the party group secretary Fan Jincheng, pudong new area of economic commission Xu Minxu, deputy director of the Shanghai zhangjiang bureau deputy director of the free trade zone administrative committee FuJun guests in attendance, such as large open innovation and attending business representatives to discuss assigned to Shanghai industrial upgrading.Source: Thoughtful Shanghai