The poorest give $200 billion to the country

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Zhuang Shiping: 200 billion yuan donated to the country, his life without a car and house, he is called the poorest billionaire, donated 200 billion yuan, did not leave a penny to his children.His name was Zhuang Shiping, a famous financial tycoon in Guangdong province. He founded Nanyang Commercial Bank and Nantong Bank of Macao and donated his life savings to the state after his death.But his contribution to his country is much more than $200 billion.When he was young, he mobilized local Overseas Chinese drivers in Malaysia to deliver medicine and gasoline to the motherland, which was in turmoil at that time.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he founded Nanyang Commercial Bank in Hong Kong, which was the first commercial bank in Hong Kong and Macao to open financial business with the mainland and the first enterprise to hang the five-star red flag.In the 1970s, the national economy was in urgent need of development. Zhuang Shiping ran around to introduce foreign investment and was one of the major contributors to the establishment of shenzhen Special Economic Zone.Later, he built many hospitals, schools, libraries and other infrastructure for chaoshan area, because he firmly believed that knowledge can change fate, he wanted to help the children in his hometown.But Zhuang Shiping, as a tycoon with a fortune of 200 billion yuan, has no house to sell cars, lives in staff dormitories all his life and only takes the bus to get out.When Zhuang Shiping died in 2007, he enjoyed the highest standard of state funeral.Until his death, he was obsessed with the reunification of the country.There are a lot of rich entrepreneurs, some people donate 600 million to Harvard University but do not give a cent to China, and some people have made contributions to their country and hometown all their life.